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My Plans To Declutter The Home

I’ve always been a bit of a clean freak and love to declutter the home. In fact I remember decluttering when I was a child. I would organise, sort and downsize my room every week and loved the peaceful feeling of a clean and tidy space.

30 years later, I am married to a clutter bug! Yep my husband is the King of clutter and it drives me bonkers. To make matters worse, I suffer from chronic illness and simply do not have the physical energy to declutter the home how I’d like to.

In fact over the past 3-4 months the home has just got worse and worse and it is driving me a bit crazy!

So I have thought a lot about what to do. I thought maybe ask a friend to help, maybe pay someone to clean for me, to help with the sorting but the reality is people might not want to do this and may hate it.

I googled what to do and discovered that there are actually decluttering services out there that offer help. People who love to organise and declutter can come to your home and do a 5 hour session of decluttering. You don’t have to do the physical work and can simply sit in the room and do the decision making.

This would be perfect for me. I can’t afford to burn myself out sorting and clearing everything but I also can’t afford to not get organised as things are getting too messy.

So, I have sent an email to a DECLUTTER FAIRY and asked to make an appointment. I am going to hire someone to come into my home and help organise the bedrooms. I want to organise all of my daughter’s room.

I’d love to sort out the toys, those to keep, those to take to a car boot and those to sell on ebay. I want to go through all her clothes and do the same and eventually earn a little cash to be able to get the next size up.

Sylvia is now a size 12. She is super tall for her age and she needs more clothes but I don’t exactly want to muddle her new things up with old clothes that don’t fit.

So the good news is I am planning to declutter. I am going to get help and I cannot wait to hear back from the person I have contacted to help me. I am excited to finally have a plan in motion and I am so going to get this clutter sorted and at least have the upstairs organised and in order by the end of June.

That’s the goal. I can do this. I just need some help.