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My Little Pony The Movie Swimming Pinkie Pie

Today we are sharing our review of Habro’s Swimming Pinkie Pie Sea Pony from The My Little Pony Movie. Sylvia is a huge fan of My Little Pony and when given the opportunity to review the Pinkie Pie Swimming Figure, she was super excited. In fact I was excited about this toy and couldn’t wait to see Sylvia open her toy.

Pinkie Pie is one of Sylvia’s favourite My Little Pony characters. The Swimming Pinkie Pie Sea Pony is really cool. The Sea Pony has a mermaid style tail which flaps and enables Pinkie Pie to swim in water. The Sea Pony also lights up and glows in water and Sylvia says she is really fun toy to play with during bath time.

Pinkie pie has her signature cutie mark on her fin and can have her hair brushed with the small green brush that comes with the Sea Pony character.

This is a fantastic toy and can make both bath time or playing in the pool super fun as kids can imagine the water is Seaquestria world and they can have fun playing with Pinkie Pie in the water.

Pinkie Pie is also great out of water and can have her mane brushed and styled. This is something Sylvia enjoyed doing, brushing her new Sea Pony’s hair.

We really love this toy. The My Little Pony Movie Pinkie pie Se Pony retails for around £25 and is currently on sale at Debenhams for only £20. I think it’s an awesome toy to add to Sylvia’s ever growing My Little Pony collection.

Angela x

*We were sent this toy for the purpose of review. All opinions are our own.



  1. My daughter loves all things My Little Pony and Mermaids and you’re telling me they put them together in one movie!?!?! I know what we’ll be watching and probably playing with… she’s gonna love this!

  2. What a cute toy! And it actually swims! I am going to get this Pinkie Pie toy for my goddaughter. She’s going to love it. And since the weather is getting chilly, she might have to make do with playing with it in the tub instead of the pool.

  3. I am excited to get this toy for my granddaughter. She’ll love this! But wait, I think I’ll have to get three so the twins can have one each too. What a fun time they’ll have! Thanks for your honest review.

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