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Lifestyle Niche – My thoughts and blogging about my passions.

Ever since I began blogging I’ve heard people say you need to niche down. You have to have one focus on your blog or website in order to grow a strong following, You need a niche to grow and gain traffic. 

Whilst this is all very true and I see the many benefits of having a specific niche, my blog is ultimately about my life, the struggles and difficulties I face, the highs and the lows, our exciting moments, adventures and the things I am passionate about. 

The reality is I am not passionate enough about one single thing to create a blog or site dedicated to that topic. I couldn’t write a blog just about cupcakes. It’s just not me and not something I can do. 

Am I Passionate To Have A Niche?

Over the past 5 years, I am been coming to terms with a new normal, a life with chronic illness and Adrenal Insufficiency. It’s not been easy. I’m still not used to this. It will be six years in July and I am still struggling to learn to live as a “chronically unwell parent” struggling to do the most basic of things at times. 

Whilst being unwell, I’ve tried lots of new things and I’ve written and blogged as I’ve made this journey. I’ve tried rock painting, something I really loved and enjoyed sharing here on The Inspiration Edit. My favourite post being my Geko Painted Rock.

I’ve enjoyed sharing kids crafts, sharing my knowledge from the days I was an early years teacher and sharing my love of children’s books with great children’s resource ideas to encourage literacy and learning. 

I’ve enjoyed sharing Mermaid and Unicorn Crafts as my daughter has had an interest in these subjects. Did you see our Unicorn toilet roll craft. It is pretty awesome and was shared on pinterest over six thousand times. 

Alongside crafts and fun ideas, I also love food. I’m not always well enough to cook or bake but it’s something I can do well and have skills with and something I love to share. 

We also love kids fashion, reviewing toys, going on adventures (or sharing my daughter’s adventures – if I am too unwell to attend myself). I guess at the end of the day I love to share many of the different aspects of our family life. Heck I love to share about home updates, upgrades and improvements. 

lifestyle niche and passions

Our Interests Change Over Time

I love to share many things including crafts, however over the past year my interests have slowly begun to change. I think there are an number of reasons. 

  • My daughter is growing older and her interests are changing.
  • That is having a knock on effect on my interests as a mother.
  • I am changing and focusing more on my own self care and health.
  • I developed an interest in Essential Oils which I am loving.
  • I discovered the instant pot and enjoy finding easy recipes – especially for sick days. 
  • I am simply becoming a different person and have different priorities.

So whilst I still share crafts and fun ideas, I am also growing and developing and so too is my blog. If I had to continue writing or sharing topics from one niche forever I would get pretty miserable! That’s why I love to write about many different topics. 

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The Lifestyle Niche

So my niche is my life and my life is my niche. 

Whilst this doesn’t work for all and may not be the advice I hear over and over again, the reality is this is what works for me and I’m not the same as everyone else. 

I’m me! 

I have different circumstances from the average blogger. For starters, I am unwell and some days I can’t do anything, other days I can and I then schedule content for the days I’m sick. I find what works for me and this is what works. 

I’ll never fit into the perfect little slot some people may try to place me in. I don’t want to. I will blog as a random blogger about random things and build upon the many different interests that I have. 

At the end of the day… this is not a business and all about making money, it’s about finding a way to support the family, whilst recording our lives and enjoying our time. It’s about sharing my lifestyle, my life and passions and sharing the real me! 

So whilst many may advise me to niche down, I really don’t think I ever will do that. It’s not in my personality, it’s not something I can do as a Mother with chronic illness and many passions and as someone who is still growing and changing in this journey of life. 

And that’s okay! I am okay with that and happy and that is what counts. 

Angela x