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My Blogging Bucket List

Well, I’d like to thank Debbie from My Random Musings for tagging me to write my Blogging Bucket List.

blogging bucket list

Here are the things I’d realistically like to achieve by the end of the year. This is my Blogging Bucket List.

  1. By December I would like to have 500 followers on Facebook. This is the one social network I struggle with and have not even attempted to try and build yet. My FB page is growing slowly and organically and 500 is a nice figure in my mind!
  2. By the end of my first year of blogging, I’d like to have 8000 followers on Twitter.
  3. I would like to change my blog template before my one year anniversary. (Start of January)
  4. I hope to have the illustrations completed for my first book. Yes, I’ve not mentioned it up until now but I am working on a book which I hope to publish in 2017.
  5. I hope to have grown my Instagram to 1000 followers.
  6. I hope to have written an additional 4 Guest Posts. So far I have done two.
  7. I hope to be contacted by a PR/BRAND (and get a christmas gift for my daughter).
  8. I hope to have made my initial contact with Medtronic (The company- I need to impress in order for them to miraculously agree to giving me a free Adrenal Pump in 2016) You never know! They just might if I keep growing my following and doing my best. It’s worth a shot!
  9. I hope to have received the money for two posts I wrote in August that I’m still waiting to get paid for.
  10. I hope to get published on THE MIGHTY- a popular website which posts articles written by people with chronic illness, health conditions and or disabilities. This may be very difficult to achieve but I’ll try
  11. I hope to find the time to have a media pack made. Yep, I still have not done one but I hope to have this sorted by December at least.
  12. To have found a sponsor to help cover the costs of attending the MumpreneurUK Conference in November. I just found out last week that I am a finalist in the Voice category and so it would be lovely to attend and stay in accommodation close by so I can split the day up and rest part way through and have somewhere to get ready for the awards etc.

Well this is quite a lot and as Debbie who tagged me said in her post, some things may take a little longer or may run over into next year but that’s okay. If i have goals then I have something to look towards.

Angela  x



    1. i was a bit scared. I’ve not really shared my blogging goals in public like this before. sometimes there is the question of how much to share…but i was tagged and set goals i feel comfy with and ones i believe are doable. Good luck with yours if you write one!

    1. Yes, it is really good to set goals. I set some goals in august but completed them so had to set some new ones. it was a good chance to reflect on my acheivements so far and see where I want to go.

  1. Best of luck, hard work and determination will pay off! Congratulations on your nomination and good luck at the ceremony xx

  2. Great blogging goals! Wow. I didn’t realize you haven’t had your one year anniversary yet. You are my blogging inspiration. Seriously, I can learn so much from you.

  3. That’s an impressive bucket list. Now it’s all out in the open, I’m sure it will give you the drive to get all of them crossed off. I can’t believe you’re in your first year of blogging. 8,000 followers in Twitter by the end of your first year!!! That’s humongous! X

  4. Great bucketlist. I think I need to write a list of goals so that I have something to work towards rather than randomly thinking of what I need to do. Good luck with your list, I hope you manage to ticket everything off it!

    1. Oh thanks Elizabeth. I agree having goals really is better than thinking..what shall I do? I tried to make mine realistic and I think i’ll do most. Not too sure about the sponsor though! We shall see!

  5. Thanks for the mention 🙂 Great goals, good luck with them all, I’m sure you will hit them all! I need to do a media kit too. I’ve been putting it off since around July when I decided I needed one 🙂

    1. I honestly am just struggling to find the time for the media kit. I don’t see it being as important as some of the other things. I’ve never been asked for one either! Angela x

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