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Music Lessons For Kids Advice From An Expert

When I was a child my sister and I took music lessons. Music lessons for kids was popular and it was great to be able to choose an instrument and begin our musical education journey.

My sister chose to play the flute. She was amazing at it. She worked hard, practiced and when she was older joined an orchestra. I chose to play the violin. I really enjoyed it but I wasn’t quite as dedicated as my sister. I really struggled.

I found it hard to read music and instead of speaking out and asking for help I said nothing. By the time I was twelve I felt overwhelmed and just couldn’t keep up with my classmates. I dropped out and quit. I really wish I hadn’t now but I did and it’a a life long regret I will always have.

What Musical Instrument Should My Child Learn?

Choosing a musical instrument to begin music lessons is an exciting time. There are so many options and there is a lot to consider. Firstly you may want to help guide your child to making a good choice.

If your child has asthma you wouldn’t really want to encourage them to play an instrument which involves a lot of blowing. I’ve heard that woodwind instruments can be more difficult for those with asthma and as a child I went with a sting instrument which meant no shortness of breath whilst taking part in music lessons.

Other things to consider might be the size and cost of an instrument. Would you be able to handle the noise of a drum kit in comparison to a violin or brass instrument?

Can you afford a piano and do you have space for one? You may want to ask yourself what music lessons are available in my area? How easy will it be to support my child with this musical instrument?

Most importantly you want to talk to your child and ask them what instrument they would be interested in. You could go online and research, look at the different sounds of instruments of visit a music store to test some out.

violin music lessons for kids


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10 Musical Instruments Your Child May Enjoy Learning

Here is a small list of 10 popular first instruments for children to learn.

  • Piano or Keyboard
  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Flute or Recorder
  • Saxophone
  • Cajon Drum
  • Violin
  • Trumpet


A Good Age To Start Music Lessons For Kids?

Deciding the right age for a child to begin music lessons can be an interesting topic. There is a lot of advice out there and people will not always agree on the best age for music lessons. Clearly the younger a child begins learning an instrument, the greater the advantage as they get older. My favorite musical instrument is an electronic drum, how about you?

Some parents encourage music lessons as early as 3 and 4 years of age, whilst others may wait until a child is around 6 or 7. Other children may begin musical lessons at high school. At the end of the day the age to start piano lessons or any musical instrument is down to the parent.

Supporting Your Child With Music Lessons

One thing to consider when having your child start music lessons and mentioned by Nathan Holder in his book, I wish I didn’t Quit Music Lessons is your expectations as a parent and your ability to support your child to succeed.

Nathan Holder is a Musician and writer based in London with a Masters in Music performance. Nathan talks about the importance of supporting your child with music lessons and discusses how a parents view, expectations and attitude can influence the behaviour and attitude of a child towards music education, exams, instrument practice and more.

Not all kids are born as a natural musician and they will need support and practice to succeed and not fail. You can read a lot more about ways to support your child by reading Nathan Holders Music Education Book which is full of tips from world class musicians on ways to inspire I your child as they undertake music education.


I Wish I Didn’t Quit Music Lessons

I personally wish I never quit my violin lessons. I think a parent can play a huge role in helping a child not get bored with music lessons. Helping a child to see that it takes time and practice and not focussing solely upon music exams or placing too much pressure on a child is really important.

Likewise not showing any interest at all or having a poor attitude towards music lessons could also have a negative impact on a child’s ability to progress as a musician.

Many children start music lessons but many do quit and it is important for a parent to know the best approaches to help their child succeed.

I’d recommend reading a copy of Nathan Holder’s Book, I Wish I didn’t Quit Music Lessons. It’s an interesting an easy to read book full of tips and advice which is simple to digest and helpful for any parent or teacher wanting to inspire little ones to develop musical abilities.

I hope this post is helpful. Did you play a musical instrument as a child? Did you quit music lessons? Maybe this book is the thing you need to help you find ways to support you child and help them to become successful when the going get tough. Enjoy.

Angela x