Munch Bunch Supporting Your Child’s Playful Nature

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     Munch Bunch Supporting Your Child’s Playful Nature

One of the things I love about my daughter is her creativity and playful nature. Sylvia always makes me laugh and she comes up with the funniest jokes, phrases and sayings. She certainly makes me and my husband giggle at times.

Our daughter is developing a wonderful personality and is growing up super fast. In fact I’ve been working hard to feed Sylvia healthy, affordable and tasty snacks to keep her healthy and help feed her playful nature at the same time. One of the snacks Sylvia has been enjoying over the past week is Munch Bunch Organic.

Munch Bunch Organic, owned by Nestlé, is an accessible organic Fromage Frais brand, with a strong commitment to nutrition and helping kids grow up strong and healthy. Whilst I was at University and working in a school environment, I saw first hand how healthy snacks and good nutrition can help aid the development of a child, promoting creativity, an independent spirit, curiosity and exploration. 

While my daughter has been testing out the Munch Bunch range she certainly has been playful and having fun getting creative in the garden. In fact Sylvia has been working on some fun fruit themed jokes. One of the jokes she created was,

“What do you get when you take lots of different fruit to a BBQ? – A fruit Salad”.

I thought that was quite a clever joke and shows my daughter thinking and using her imagination.

In order for a child to develop their personality and grow they do need to use their imaginations. As a previous teacher I saw first hand how getting creative and developing cognitive thinking skills can aid children in developing a playful nature. A playful nature, child lead play and exploration can really help a child to come on in leaps and bounds and truly helps aid learning and growth.

My daughter has enjoyed playing out in the garden this week, snacking on Munch Bunch Organic and letting her creativity blossom. In fact last week Sylvia created some fantastic invitations, inviting her father and I to watch a show she had planned in the garden.

Sylvia had chairs in the garden ready for us to be seated and even had props prepared and items hidden under our chairs ready for the performance.

My husband and I enjoyed watching Sylvia demonstrate a number of trampoline tricks, listened to a host of jokes and enjoyed some precious time with our daughter. At half time Sylvia had a Strawberry Munch Bunch Organic Pouch and then the show continued.

My daughter has really enjoyed testing out the Munch Bunch Organic Fromage Frais range. She enjoyed the Strawberry Munch Bunch Pouches along with the Munch Bunch small pots.

Munch Bunch Organic really can help promote creativity, curiosity and exploration which after all is an essential part of a child’s development alongside healthy physical growth


*I’m working with Munch Bunch Organic  and BritMums promoting the #FeedTheirPlayfulNature campaign sponsored by Munch Bunch Organic. Visit Munch Bunch for more advice and tips.*

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munch bunch supporting your child's playful nature


  1. Yes to creativity, curiosity and exploration! And healthy, organic snacks. Summer is the perfect time for all those wonderful things to come together!

  2. I know Munch Bunch are designed for kids….but I sometimes grab a few for myself, and my niece and nephew are like “Auntie!!! That’s our snack! Lol!” It’s just these are soooo yummy! 🙈

  3. I will have to try these. My girls will be starting camp soon and although they will get lunch they are very picky about the fruit they will eat.

  4. This looks like an easy nutritious snack and I’m always looking for convenient ideas like this! Thanks for sharing!

  5. My three love Munch Bunch. Nutritious, organic and they are so convenient aren’t they? I love Sylvia’s joke and her imagination is wonderful. That’s so lovely that she put on a play for you.

  6. We love Munch Bunch in our home too and strawberry is our all time favourite. Love your photos.

    Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums

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