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Peamutt Butter For Dogs

PeaMutt Butter

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Peamutt Butter For Dogs

Today I am writing a review on Peamutt Butter For Dogs. Yoda aka Mr Piggy Wiggy is a bit of a greedy onker! Seriously! He will try to eat anything from shoes to wallpaper. You’d think if you saw him he’d not been fed but both he and Casper are well fed with healthy nutritious Dog food each and every day.

Casper is the same. Casper is 4 years older than Yoda our one year old Bichon.When Casper arrived, it became clear that it was a case of two piggies. Casper will even try and steal Yoda’s food if he can get a hold of it. In fact when being given a treat for good behaviour and obedience, John has to separate our Bichon’s otherwise Casper will wolf his down and then try to nick Yoda’s as well!

Yoda has met his match and we now have two hungry greedy dogs. I don’t blame them, food is a big part of Bichon life, if they are not eating they are running around, getting up to mischief or sleeping and our Dogs need their food each day.

It does not end there. Our dogs will sit and stare at us with puppy dog eyes whenever we have a meal, despite how many times we say “your not having any”.

So, when I was asked to review some PEAMUTT BUTER, a Peanut Butter made especially for Dogs, how could I say no?

The PeaMutt Butter arrived and I had Casper in the room alone. He was sitting on the bed with me and I opened the Jar, removed the seal and gave him the jar. Casper sniffed and then began licking. He loved it! He didn’t want to stop. The peanut butter couldn’t be eaten the way dog food is, the texture is too sticky so he kept licking and licking. He only ended up having a small amount but was very happy and went to find Yoda, probably to show off that he had been eating a tasty treat all by himself.

PeaMutt Butter

Next thing Yoda comes in the room, looking at me as if to say what has Casper been eating? I showed him the jar and he looked with curiosity. He started to have a lick. Yoda managed to get more peanut butter but maybe only a spoonful before he licked his chops and looked satisfied.

Did our dogs like the peanut Butter? Yes. I read on the packet that it’s great for dogs and full of nutrition. It can also be put on treats and we have in the past used peanut butter to hide medication.

Did our dogs love the PEAMUTT BUTTER? Yes. There is plenty left to use in future and usually I wouldn’t give them the jar to lick from, it would be in a bowl or something but this went down well and both dogs were happy.

Yoda and Casper give the Peamutt Butter the doggie seal of approval.

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To read more stories about our Bichon Dogs and Dog themed posts please visit A Dogs Life


To read more stories about our Bichon Dogs and Dog themed posts please visit A Dogs Life

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Disclosure: We were gifted the PeaMutt Butter for Mr Piggy Wiggy


  1. Aww, they did enjoy the peanut butter. I wonder how is it different from human peanut butter. I never gave peanut butter to my dog, I wasn’t sure it’s good for him (the human one I mean).

  2. I really need to try and get some of this and see what Sal thinks of it – I’m thinking I could coat her med in it – at the moment she has them in a tiny bit of babybell! x

  3. PeaMUTT butter! Oh what a genius name! I’m not surprised this was a hit if they put as much care into what was inside the jar as they did the name! Sounds like your dogs enjoyed it.

  4. This sounds so great, I remember when I was little we used to hide our dogs medication in Peanut Butter. I’m glad they loved it and I’m sure they shall be on the look out for more soon enough! xx

  5. This looks great for my sister’s two little dogs, I always wonder what to get them for Christmas, its usually a little coat, much to the disgust of my brother in law!

  6. What an awesome name for a product! This would have been perfect for me to stick my dogs tablets in when she was here with us.

  7. Oh my gosh I know a little mommy who would LOVE this :O haha my little doggy loves PB but I’m quite reluctant to give it him because of the sugar and additives. This would go down so well in my house!!!

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