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Moving houses isn’t just an exciting time of your life, it can also be a bit stressful and even quite nostalgic. You’re leaving another home behind, after all, and it tends to make many of us put off the inevitable packing. When it’s a short week or so left, we scramble to get it done in time and will, as a result, often forget about small but important tasks.

If you’re about to move houses and would like to enjoy a stress free and seamless transition, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Here is a handful of tips on how to prepare for the move, how to pack your belongings, and even how to make your first day or two in your new home as pleasant as possible.

It won’t guarantee that you’re not going to leave anything behind but it will, at least, ensure that you manage to pack the most important stuff and can arrive with a smile on your face.

Get started right away

Before you go ahead and convince yourself that you’ll be able to pack up your entire house in one afternoon with these tips, you should know that smart packing is a process that starts sooner rather than later.

While an unorganised person might begrudgingly start to stack all of their kitchen stuff and everything in their wardrobe away immediately, you’re much smarter than that; pack all of your least used items away first and save the important stuff for last.

This makes sense, when you think about it, as you’re still going to need some of your kitchen stuff before the big day is here. It might seem like a smart move to start with the messiest areas where you’re going to have to wrap each plate before packing it but you can definitely leave this for later.

You could pack away the kitchen stuff you never really use, though, as well as all of your seasonal clothes. This is a great opportunity for clearing your life up a bit too and you might want to consider giving some of it away for charity. If you find yourself with heaps of clothes you’ve only put on once, you should definitely get rid of some of it.

Get that hobby stuff out of the way as well, clear out your messiest drawers, and enjoy the feeling of getting your least useful things out of the way as soon as possible.

By starting to pack little by little right away, it won’t seem as overwhelming when you just have a few days left before it’s time to move. Smart packers start early by clearing their house up first and so should you.

Consider throwing some stuff out

While we’re on the topic of clearing out your least useful things; if you haven’t used it in a while and suspect that you won’t really use it in another year or so, you might want to consider giving it away to someone else.

The great thing about this is, of course, that you have started early and can even sell some of it since you have so much time. Out up a few ads online, get rid of your belongings, and start afresh when you arrive at your new home.

You’ll have a bit more money in your pocket now too which can be used to buy new and more useful things, after all.

Labelling and storing the boxes

While packing up your entire house or office is tedious and annoying, unpacking is even worse if you haven’t managed your boxes properly. You can have a look at these cheap pods, by the way, if you prefer this to regular boxes or if you just need them for long-distance travels.

Labelling your boxes are, of course, the key to making the packing process as smart as possible but you could also create an inventory list to take things to the next level. Try to colour code each box according to the rooms you’ve packing into them as well, add a detailed description of its content, and remember to mark it as fragile if you have anything in it that needs to be handled carefully.

This inventory list and the combination of colour coding your boxes according to the rooms will ensure that you’re not forgetting anything – and it will be way easier to unpack it will when you get to your new home.

Remember to ask for help with the moving

No matter how big your family is, it’s going to take a lot of stress out of the moving if you have some interstate removalists there to help you out. This is particularly true if you have a lot of big or expensive furniture as the local students in your area who are looking to earn a bit more might not have the right experience for this.

moving house

Plus, a professional moving team is going to help you out a bit faster too. While moving houses is stressful, it’s still a necessary part of life. Get the worst bit over with sooner rather than later and you might have time to relax a bit as well.

You could consider hiring some young students to help you out instead, though, as you’ll find a bunch of them online who are hungry to make some extra money. They’ll be cheaper, for sure, but they won’t have as much experience with this as a professional moving company.

Don’t go for the cheaper option if you have a lot of expensive and heavy furniture, in other words, or your great grandmother’s fragile dinner porcelain and such.

Pack a box of essentials the day before you leave

It is also an excellent idea to treat yourself a bit when you finally get to arrive and unwind at your new home. The best way to make sure that this doesn’t happen, though, is by forgetting about the box of essentials; you’ll be rummaging through your belongings for the better half of the evening, trying to find bed sheets for everyone and something to cook up dinner with.

A box of essentials should, of course, contain all of this in addition to something clean to sleep in, your toiletries, and perhaps the stuff you need to get your TV up and running so that you can relax in the evening.

Keep this box with you on your way to the new house and you’ll be able to have everything you need right from the start – and won’t have to rummage through endless boxes before you find the one you need.

Finally at your new home? Make it feel like home

You probably knew this one was coming right away, but a touch of personality is so important that we might as well start off with it. There are many ways to make it personal, though, and more ways than just putting up your favourite decoratives as soon as you move in.

Sometimes, it helps to have something familiar around you when you’re trying to settle in and, just like a kid needs his or her teddy bear to feel safe, you should bring out your favourite throws and pillows. Make them a part of your living room for now and store them away again when everything feels a bit more homely.

While doing something you enjoy certainly helps to make everything feel more like home, cooking will make it smell like home too. Getting familiar with your own kitchen and allowing the aromas to trick you into believing you’ve been living there for a while is, in fact, a tried-and-tested trick in terms of feeling more relaxed and at home.

Another point to this is that you will need to get to know your kitchen, figure out how unpredictable that oven can be, and find a place for everything. If you never use your kitchen, you’ll never be able to do this – and it will just be there for show rather than helping you to feel at home.

Finally, you’re going to feel so much more relaxed and comfortable when you’re able to be yourself in your new home. Put on some loud music, walk around naked after you had that shower, put on a face mask, and sing to your heart’s content – you’re at home, after all, and nobody can tell you anything.

Try to get these three things over with within the first days of moving into your new home, and it’s going to feel like it’s yours so much sooner.

*This is a collaborative post*