Moving House in Winter? What Were You Thinking…

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Moving house at the beat of times is complex and stressful but moving during winter? Wow, you chose to bite off a lot in one go. But, fear not, it’s not impossible! It’s going to present its own unique challenges but if you know how to prepare for them, they won’t overwhelm you. It’s going to require all the family, all hands on deck and plenty of time!

Get the Right Help

Whether you’re buying or selling your home, you will benefit from finding highly rated support such as a Manchester Conveyancing Solicitor. This will ensure your property is ready when you’re ready to make your move.. even in the coldest of seasons.

Now for the top tips for moving in winter…

Protect Your Things

Firstly, you need to protect your things from the cold. Dish plates are more easily going to crack and break, sitting in a removal van that’s driving around in subzero temperature.

You will also find that things like furniture like coffee tables and drawers are also a little more brittle and they chip easily in the cold. So, we recommend that you use protective layering to shield your items.

  • Put a cotton sheet under your things in the boxes. This will help to absorb any bumps in the road.
  • Plastic sheets of acrylic will help if they’re placed over the top of your things. 
  • Make sure you’re using thick cardboard boxes, not the corrugated cardboard. This can easily rip and bend.
  • Make sure all your boxes are sealed so no frost can get inside. This is especially true of your clothes. So use industrial duct tape or parcel tape.

Be Ready for Icy Roads

When all your things are slipping and sliding on the road, your heart can jump and stay into your mouth. So we recommend that you only use a trusted local removalist.

They will not only know how to wrap, and load your things without damaging them. But they will have drivers that know how to anticipate the icy roads, the snow and the slushy streets that make driving very challenging.

The important thing is, they will be prepared with a high-quality sat-nav, several routes planned in case one fails and know shortcuts to avoid traffic jams.

The less time your things are on the road when black ice is present and a blizzard is occurring, the better.

Get Up Early!

Remember, there are far fewer daylight hours in winter, so you need to get up very early and start making way for your things to be loaded. In fact, this is all the more reason why you need to book someone who is trusted.

They won’t need reminding that you are short of time and you’re ready to get things going early in the morning. 

Hot Drinks

One way to keep up your morale during loading, being on the road and unloading, is to have hot drinks at the ready all the time. So have several flasks of coffee, hot chocolate, spiced cider and tea at your disposal.

This way, everyone keeps warm, happy and their motivation doesn’t slip. Moving a heavy sofa when it’s freezing, is not easy!

Moving house during winter is riskier than any other time, but needs must and all that. So wake up early, book a professional who knows how to drive in icy conditions and keep happy and motivated all the way until you’re moved into your new home. 

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