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Whether you love to travel, are an explorer or simply love inspirational quotes, these wallpaper murals could be the perfect choice for your home. I really do love to find new decorating and style ideas and today I wanted to share with you the new Murals Wallpaper Adventurous Collection. The collection hit a chord and reminded me of some of the challenges I have been through in the past.

This adventurous collection features breathtaking landscapes paired with inspiring quotes. I love Inspirational quotes and so when I saw this collection it was an instant hit for me.

When I became a single lady, during my separation from my first husband, I relied on Inspirational quotes to help me get through each day. The two quotes I recall writing and sticking on my wall were “To thine own self be true” and “I am woman hear me roar”.

These quotes helped me and reminded me each day to stick to my decision, that I had courage and could deal with the pain and heartache I was going through. It was not easy but I know repeating positive phrases in my mind helped me in the darkest of times.

Seeing these empowering quotes from Murals Wallpaper reminded me of all I have been through and where I am today and I think they would be a fantastic way to decorate a room. There are a variety of phrases to choose from. I think my favourite of the collection is “Make Your Dreams Happen”.

Why not transform your home into a motivating environment. You could start each morning off greeted by a healthy, daily dose of determination, transform your home into a motivating environment and create an invigorating sense of wellbeing and mindfulness.

Live your dreams and always be ready to reach for the stars with an inspirational wall mural – the ultimate reminder that the world is your oyster.

Angela x

*This is not a sponsored post.