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Mother and Daughter Photo of the Week

Today is a very special day for my daughter Sylvia. She has recently turned eight years old and today she will be baptised as part of our religion. Some people have religion, some don’t. We have beliefs in our family and it is an exciting moment and step in our child’s life. I respect everyones choices and this is ours.

Sylvia has a beautiful white dress to wear and my husband took us out to have a few photos together before the big day. It’s the only time I’ve been out in over a month apart from attending medical appointments and I enjoyed having a few pictures with my girl.

I’m so blessed to have my daughter. We have been through so much together but our love as Mother and daughter grows everyday and our bond is stronger than ever and she is my world.

I look forward to sharing more wonderful photos next week. For now here is our shot of the week.

Daughter Photo

Do you have anything exciting happening in your family? Please do share. I’d love to hear.