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Coping As A Mother With Adrenal Insufficiency

Well today for my portrait project post I wanted to share some lovely photos I took of my daughter in the garden and discuss coping as a mother with adrenal insufficiency. Having a chronic illness is not an easy thing to live with and it can at times be frustrating and upsetting.

I collapsed and was diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency a week or so after my wedding to John in 2013. I’ve had the illness ever since and it’s been a long battle. I spent years trying to get my health stable and to the point where I stopped going in and out of hospital all the time.

My biggest motivation to get my chronic condition under control was and always has been my daughter. I love being a mother and it’s not been easy especially when I spent several years having adrenal crisis after adrenal crisis.

I starting writing about my illness in 2015 and spent two years fighting to get better treatment for my condition. A treatment I had researched and believed would help improve my quality of life.

We tried to fund raise and I managed to raise £350 in donations.

This was no way near enough and so we scrimped and saved and once I had the money and found a doctor I went private and was able to get the treatment I needed.

All in all in cost around £6000 and as a result my health improved to the point I stopped going in and out of hospital.

I was not cured. I was not healed. However the difference between going in and out of hospital and being sick at home really was huge. I had small improvements.

My pain improved, my blood pressure became stable in the mornings and I did not feel constant nausea and headaches anymore. Where before I needed a wheelchair, I can now get around the home on my own without assistance.

I am able to help out with cooking and small tasks, however I do still suffer from continuous fatigue and do get unwell often.

I’m still unwell every day. I have to choose between certain tasks in order to get through. If I shower on a Monday, I won’t have energy to cook. If I help cook I won’t have energy to shower.

I seem to be able to write and do things on the computer perfectly fine, it’s the physical tasks which are more of a struggle.

I went from being bed bound and hospital bound to now needing naps daily but being able to go into the garden with my daughter for half an hour or sit and play a game with her.

I was not well enough to do this before. So whilst my health is so so much better than it was, I am still unwell. I still get chronic fatigue and I still have to pace and make choices about the tasks I do each day.

parenting with chronic illness

I am the best I can be as a mum. Sometimes it is hard because I have to forgo things others take for granted. I don’t take my daughter to school or swimming or on outings.

My husband is the one to take her places. When we do go somewhere I have to rest up for a day or two afterwards. It is still a struggle and having a low immune system I get ill easily and take weeks to recover.

I have one health issue after another and it is never easy. However I am better able to do more as a mum.

I can spend more time doing tasks with Sylvia, I just have to sacrifice everything else to do this.

It’s not easy having chronic illness and not easy being a sick mum, but I’m a good mum and I give my daughter a good life. It’s an adapted life. The one thing I can do as an unwell mother is write and design and so I will continue to do this.

I can blog and so I will. My husband will continue to support me and we will work as a team to give our child the best childhood we can.

I still feel frustrated and feel sad when I see other mums walking down the street pushing a pushchair or riding a bike with their kids.

There is a lot I’d love to do which I will never do but I’m stable and can live a new normal which for me means being housebound 80 percent of the time.

At least I have social media, The Inspiration Edit and my family. That is all I need and when I feel sad or discouraged about my situation I focus on what I can achieve and that (despite my illness) is a lot.

Angela x

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