The Most Energy Efficient Windows to Install in 2021

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Are you shopping for new windows? Well, you are probably exhausted by the overwhelming amount of information to consider when surfing the web or talking to your local experts, right? That is totally understandable. And while this article will also be about windows and how to choose the right ones, we will only concentrate on the energy efficiency topic since this is by far the most important thing to consider when picking new windows for your home.

While preparing this post, we have come across many engaging materials by Ecoline. They share many insights on different window styles, such as Fixed vs Picture windows, hardware, glazing, and other vital aspects, so we were amazed how many things make your new windows energy efficient. And now, we would love to share these insights with you. Interested? Stay tuned!

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Which Window Styles Are the Best for Energy Efficiency?

Well, when it comes to maximum energy efficiency, some particular window styles perform better than others. So let’s get it covered now.

Fixed or Picture Windows

These units are the best for energy efficiency if we talk about non-operable windows. You might be curious if there exists any particular difference between the two styles since both look similar and can not be open for ventilation. Actually, yes, and the main trick lies in the frames. While fixed windows feature bigger and thicker frames to support the neighboring windows in case you want the combo to allow ventilation, picture windows have low-profile frames to maximize the glass surface and provide a clear, unobstructed view outdoors.

Casement Windows

If you strive to install operable windows to get optimal ventilation and comfort, casement windows bring just that. In fact, these units are the best solution in terms of energy efficiency among all operable window styles. Installing Energy Star-rated casement windows, you can expect a significant boost in your house’s overall performance, energy bills reduction, increased comfort, and security.

Hung Windows

Probably the most traditional windows you can find in any house. Hung windows might be of two types – single or double-hung. The only difference lies in the number of operable sashes. Single-hung units usually have only a top sash moving up and down for open/close. At the same time, double-hung windows feature both sashes, top and down, movable to ensure maximum ventilation. These windows are vertically oriented and occupy 2nd place in terms of energy efficiency among all movable windows. You can learn more at simons glass website.

What Makes Your New Windows Energy-Efficient?

Now you know the best window styles for maximum energy efficiency, but what other aspects make your new units good? Let’s find out.

Double or Triple Glazing

In fact, double or triple glazing means how many layers your new windows will have. While all modern units come at least with double glazing, you are also welcome to consider additional panes for your windows. Statistics say that triple-pane windows are up to 50% more effective, but also they usually cost 10-15% more compared to double-pane units. And if you do not live in an extreme climate, that investment might not be necessary for you.

Low-Emissive (Loe) Coatings

Since glass is the biggest window part, much of the heat loss happens here. Coated glass gets you a layer of concealed insulation that blocks heat loss during cold periods. It also stops harmful UV rays from damaging upholstery and carpeting during summer. LoE coatings aim to reduce your energy costs while making your home more comfortable during different seasons.

Gas-Injected Glass

Argon and Krypton gas will provide additional protection from heat loss, condensation, and cold weather when used with triple-pane windows. In fact, this makes a perfect combo since they insulate better than air when infiltrated between the panes of glass and reduce heat conduction in that space.

Energy Star Windows

If you do not want to dive in that deep in what makes your windows energy efficient, at least make sure to buy Energy Star-rated labeled units. This will guarantee your brand new windows comply with the industry standard, and if installed correctly, will serve you for many years to come.

Energy-Efficient Windows: Prices Breakdown

When shopping for quality energy efficient windows, you should expect the price tag to be high, and that’s for a good reason. You buy new units that will serve you for the next 25 years, cutting down on your energy bills and bringing peace of mind. So treat this as a long-term investment into your property and comfort. But to let you understand the price ranges better, here is the table representing the prices for the previously discussed window styles in 2021.

LocationCasement windowHung WindowPicture Window
Basement$535 – $1,022n\a$315 – $1518
Bathroom$446 – $1,032$95 – $1500$388 – $1242
Bedroom$444 – $1193$587 – $2115$226 – $2324
Bonus room$676 – $1134$634 – $1374$420 – $2305
Dining room$550 – $1348$529 – $1466$316 – $2072
Family room$605 – $1999$569 – $1155$354 – $2661
Foyer$858 – $1999$500 – $854$338 – $1552
Front$583 – $1014$510 – $925$359 – $2933
Garagen\a$588 – $732$334 – $1536
Kitchen$329 – $1356$445 – $1595$202 – $2179
Living room$484 – $1614$429 – $1614$226 – $2898
Master bedroom$545 – $1304n\a$335 – $2370
Nook$549 – $1149$473 – $1186$337 – $2440

The Bottom Line

Getting energy-efficient new windows is a great idea and investment, that’s for sure. We hope this article was helpful, and now you are more aware of what might work best for you and your house. In a nutshell, if you want maximum energy efficiency and do not have any concerns about ventilation – go with fixed or picture units. If you want operable windows – casement or hung units are your go-to option. But do not forget to buy Energy Star-rated windows and consult your local experts before installation. Good luck!

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