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Modern Living Room Decoration Ideas

Modern Living Room Decoration Ideas

If you are renting an apartment, you probably know that you cannot always get what you want in terms of house design. Of course, you might decide to keep searching until you find the perfect apartment but when faced with concerns like location, cost, and availability, style preferences are the first to be compromised. With the right modern apartment decoration ideas, you can turn even the oldest house into an inviting and fresh space.

Here are some decoration tips that will make your space look modern:

Paint the Walls White

White-painted walls are integral to the modern look of a space. When you paint the walls white, you will draw attention to other features, including decorations and furniture whilst maintaining a neat and uncluttered atmosphere. According to the owner of The U Apartments, you need to ask for permission from the property manager before you start any painting job.

Buy Unique Light Fixtures

Although most aspects of the modern living space should be simple and unassuming, your lighting does not have to be. You should invest in some mid-century modern fixtures if you want something that is attention grabbing and unique. If you want to give your apartment a modern look, you should opt for pendant lights.

Leave Windows Uncovered

For many modern living space decorating ideas, budget might be a huge obstacle. However, you should follow the tips that do not cost anything – for instance, you should consider removing your blinds and drapes to merge your home with nature and increase the flow of light into your home. This will make your space look more open and help to highlight the clean lines of design in your home.

Use Wood

Natural materials are more favored in modern design. For this reason, you should know that carved wood furnishings and wooden décor brings all the elements of modern design together beautifully. If real wood is not an option, you should buy pieces that resemble real wood whilst retaining the cheap cost of alternative materials.

Combine Neutral and Bright Colours

Between wood furniture, plenty of sun, and white walls, you will notice that your living space will end up looking very neutral. As long as you are not afraid to add some splashes of color, this neutral look is good. Choose a few bold and bright colors then add them into your overall design.

You can buy colourful pillows, area rugs, and artwork to spice up your space. Although the occasional flourish is fine, you should try to avoid complex designs.

Show off Your Art

If you decide to paint your walls white, they will look dull and plain. To liven them up, you should draw attention to other features that are more exciting such as your art. You should treat your walls like those of a gallery and hang the best works of art on them. If you live in a studio apartment, you should know that studio apartments are efficient when it comes to decorating.

Don’t Skimp on Storage

To reduce clutter and increase the available floor space, you should create enough space for storage. Of course, you should opt for organized storage options; otherwise, you will just be replacing the mess with organized clutter. When shopping for furniture, you should opt for the ones with hidden compartments if you want more storage.

Floating shelves are another great option, but you should remember that whatever you place on them will be seen. This means that whatever you place on them needs to blend in with the rest of your décor. Floating shelves are great for adding decorative pieces to rooms.


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