Here is the review for a beautiful Plush Pig called Pua, Me and my daughter both fell in love with this Disney Pua Pig and see some amazing pics with that!

Moana Disney Pua Pig Soft Toy From The Disney Store

A few weeks ago Sylvia was sent a beautiful Plush pig named Pua from the Disney Store. Pua the pig is one of the characters from the new Disney film Moana, a movie my daughter and many of our friends have fallen in love with.

We’ve written a few posts on Moana over the past month and as part of our Sylvia’s style post I was planning on purchasing the Disney Moana Costume and doing a really awesome fashion shoot with Sylvia and her new pet Pua.

Disney Moana PLUSH

However, I decided to try and attempt to sew and make my own costume for Sylvia. I researched and found some ideas and had everything planned and then my health spiralled. I’ve been in hospital for some time now and I have every intention of completing our plans at some point in the coming months and making a brilliant Moana costume.

I think it would be perfect for world book day or when Sylvia is asked to attend school as a character she admires. Each year there is a competition at school so I hope to get to work on this costume once my health is back up to speed.

Disney Moana PLUSH

Anyway, Sylvia was really super happy with the beautiful plush Pua Pig from the Disney Store. Pua goes well with the plush Moana doll she received previously and she has been enjoying both these toy toy items. The Pua pig comes from the Disney Store in two sizes, has floppy ears, a big pot-belly and a 3D snout.

Disney Moana PLUSH

Sylvia is half Tongan and the Tongan word for pig is Puaka, so it was not a surprise that the pet pig from the Moana Disney film is also called Pua. My daughter loves her wonderful plush toys and they now take priority on her bed.


Here is the review for a beautiful Plush Pig called Pua, Me and my daughter both fell in love with this Disney Pua Pig and see some amazing pics with that!

Does your child have a favourite Disney Plush or soft toy? If so I’d love to hear about it!

Angela x


  1. oh man we saw this film a few weeks ago and I knew straight away they would make toys of some of those characters. The pig looks ace but where is the crazy chicken thing????

  2. It’s the Frozen girls that are a huge hit in my home and I have to say we have a few she has a grat collection of Disney plush toys

    1. Oh that will be exciting. I loved it when Sylvia was around 3, she loved Tinkerbell and then it was repunzle and then frozen. Now its Moana.

    1. Oh that’s so cute. I don’t actually think I ever had one as a child. No in fact I didn’t. The first one we ever got was also a winnie the pooh for Sylvia.

  3. We haven’t seen Moan yet, it looks really good though. My children always get a Disney store ted each for Christmas and a tsum tsum for their stockings, this year they got a big Minnie & Mickey and the fox and rabbit from Zootroplis. My three-year-old has a little goofy ted she got when we went to see Disney on ice a few months ago and she loves it, it goes everywhere with her. I hope that you feel better soon xx

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