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MIXPIX Photo Tiles For The Home – Gifted! 

During the summer holidays we travelled to New Zealand to visit family for the first time in ten years. I had an awesome experience. It was bittersweet. I loved seeing my family and spending time with my parents and siblings. It was fantastic to meet my nieces and nephews is the flesh and I loved seeing old friends. 

On the other hand I missed my previous home, NZ and I felt sad that I would have to leave and return to the UK. It was also difficult being on holiday with chronic illness. My Adrenal Insufficiency meant I could not do all the things I wanted to and a weak immune system lead to me getting very unwell while away. 

At the end of the day, we returned home with some fantastic memories. I really wanted to print some of the photos we took along with some family favourites so I could have reminders in my home of the happy times I have had. Fortunately I was able to order some MIXPIX photo tiles for the living room to keep my memories alive and brighten up the home. 

What Are MixPix Canvas Prints? 

MIXPIX Print Canvas Prints are a new and exciting way to style photos in the home. A MIXPIX Canvas print is really fantastic. These square photo tiles are 20cm by 20cm and can be mixed and matched to create your own design and photo collection on the walls of your home.

The MIXPIX canvas tiles are really high quality and have fantastic definition and colour richness. They can be arranged in any order and are super easy to remove and rearrange if you feel like it. You can arrange your MIXPIX canvas tiles in a straight line or create a mosaic of pictures with multiple levels. 

My Collection Of Mix Pix Photos. 

I chose to create a collection of family photos and madE two square sets of nine photo tiles. I worked out the order of my prints before sticking them on the wall and was really pleased with the way they looked.

It was nice to have a photo of my grandpa David on the wall, as he passed away last year and I really miss him. I also love that I was able to print a photo of my daughter Sylvia with my parents. Those photos are real treasures! 

It will be great to see these lovely MIXPIX canvas prints every time I sit in the lounge. They really are special. 

Using Adhesive Pads For MIXPIX Canvas Prints

The really great thing about MIXPIX photo tiles are that there is no need to drill or put holes in the wall. MIXPIX canvas prints can stick safely to almost any wall using high-performance adhesive pads. The adhesive pads are made from a lightweight foam which means they can be removed from most surfaces without any damage. 

I love this! We rent our home and not only do we want to keep the walls in good condition, we want the ability to remove the photos and put them up elsewhere should we be required to move at any stage. 

I tested the MIXPIX adhesive pads out and was able to remove a canvas without damaging the wall which is good to know for the future.

MIXPIX Wedding Photo Tiles

I’ve been married six years now and despite my good intentions, our wedding photos are stuck in an album on a shelf.

wedding photo canvas prints

I decided to order a few Wedding Photos as MIXPIX Canvas prints to place in the lounge. I’m really pleased with the outcome. 

If you would like to order your own set of MIXPIX canvas tiles, then I have a fantastic discount code for you to use! This will give you an additional 15% off the already discounted Canvas prints on the website. 

Here is the MIXPIX Discount code: THEINSPIRATIONEDIT

Let me know what you think. Do you have family photos on your walls and do you fancy updating them?