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Miximals Series One Review And Giveaway

Have you heard of Miximals? If not you’re in for a treat as we have a fantastic review of the new Miximals Series and a wonderful giveaway to go with it.


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What Are Miximals?

Miximals toys are a new and fun toy series made of quirky but fun little figures that are created from mixing two creatures together. Each Miximals character has been uniquely created for example the Octopan is a mixture of the Panda and Octopus and the Kinttony is a mixture of the Kitten and Pony.


So last week my daughter received a fantastic parcel of Maximal goodies in the mail to review. We were sent the Miximals ultimate gift pack ( Pack de cadeau ultimae) which contains 8 of the 40 Miximal creatures. Within her gift pack, Sylvia has Poodlequin, Ponyclaw, Octopan, Pegosaur, Sqimango and Racceer.

Miximals Ultimate Gift Pack

There were also two blind bag style characters which are called Mystery Mixie. Sylvia was excited to open up her packs and find out who the mystery characters were. The gift pack has a collectors guide which is great and Sylvia was able to mark the creatures she has collected and see what is left to collect.

Miximals Piggystripe

In Sylvia’s mystery bags she got Tigurtle and Husky Doodle Doo.

Miximals Tigurtle

The second pack Sylvia was sent was the Mixamals Flutterpop Surprise Triple Pack. This had the creature Flutterpop who happens to be a mixture of butterfly and a hippo. Flutterpop comes with a little sunflower pot and two more Mystery Mixies. This time Sylvia opened her Mystery Miximals and discovered Piggy Stripe and LobsteRony.

Miximals Flutterpop

The final Miximals pack for my daughter was the Miximal Kittony. This creature is pink with stripes and rather cute. Kittony comes with a small bucket of apples and also has a pretty funky Kitoony Cattractor.

Miximals Kittony Cattractor

The Cattractor is a cute pink tractor, with a cat back, paw prints to brand the tractor and a cute orange tractor.

Miximals Kittony

Altogether my daughter has 12 Miximals which is not bad to say there are 40 to collect. The creatures are pretty cute and really do spark the imagination.

Miximals series one

Toys that encourage imaginary play, creativity and thinking outside the box are great for young and older children. It can really help with cognitive development, learning and growth and from the perspective of a teacher, I think these can be used in a way to promote learning through play. I already have lots of ideas and will be chatting to Sylvia about ways to enjoy her new Miximals. You can purchase Miximals on Amazon or at a local toy store.

Miximals series one

The good news is that we have a great giveaway here on The Inspiration Edit. I am giving away a Bundle of Miximals to one lucky reader. The prize will include the same items my daughter reviewed, the Miximals Ultimate Gift Pack, the Kattony’s Cattractor set and one Miximals Surprise Triple pack.

The competition is open and closes at midnight on the 22nd April. The winner will be announced on facebook and our twitter channels and prizes sent out thereafter. This competition is open to residents of the UK and Ireland only. All you need to do is complete the rafflecopter below.

Good Luck



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