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Miu Color Water Bottles Perfect For The Whole Family

This week we are sharing our new and exciting Miu Color Water Bottles on the blog. Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated is really important to my family. Especially with the health conditions that both my husband and I have. It’s important to drink often and regular and our new bottles have come in super handy. The timing is perfect.

miu color water bottle

We were sent four Miu Color water bottles. These bottles are sold on Amazon and when I ordered there was a great variety of colours. I chose a different coloured water bottle for each family member. I think having our own unique coloured bottle can help prevent getting muddled up and stop us from sharing germs.

miu color water bottle

The Miu Color water bottles are environmentally friendly bottles. They are made with high grade borosilicate glass which is lead-free and crystal clear. The glass is really a great feature. One issue I have had with water bottles in the past is keeping them germ free. Especially plastic bottles. We reviewed some plastic bottles from another brand last year and they ended up smelling and had to be thrown away.

miu color water bottle

The advantage of the glass bottle is we can really clean the glass well and sterilise the bottles keeping them hygienic and safe to drink from. Each Miu water bottle comes with two cleaning brushes which are designed to clean the bottles well. This is really handy. The fact we have four bottles means we can store the other brushes for the future and as one wears out, we can use the next.

I do like the look and design of the Miu Color Water Bottles. John is a huge water bottle fan. In fact when we got married he had about 8 different ones in his cupboard. (They were old and crusty and have since gone to the dump). John often has a water bottle when riding his bike, if he is walking and he always has water in his office space.

miu color water bottle

Sylvia’s school has asked for her to take in a water bottle to school for the Summer. Thankfully we were sent four bottles so she can take one to school and keep one at home. I often remind Sylvia to drink fluids when it is “headache weather”. That’s what we call it, when the sun is shining and it reminds her to drink plenty. Drinking plenty of water also helps keep Sylvia cool which is important as she is prone to nose bleeds when she overheats.

miu color water bottle

I love my bottle. It always feels good to have something new and fancy and my Miu Color bottle is pretty awesome. I chose a blueish green coloured bottle for myself. John has the grey and Sylvia got the pinky and the purple one.

The bottles look stylish and have an anti-slip removable silicone sleeve which can help prevent breakage. The bottles also come with a six month warranty and the lids have a carrying loop. I do like these water bottles and I think the style, colour and the fact they are made from glass really appeals to me.

Angela x

*We were sent these bottles with the option to review. All opinions are my own.