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Missing My Brother James

As you may or may not be aware I have a brother called James who was born with a chromosome deletion. As a result he has global developmental delay and despite being 25 years of age my brothers thinks and often acts like a young child. I love and miss my James. He lives in New Zealand with my parents and my other brother Christopher. James loves to ring me. In fact, he loves to FaceTime everyone and talk about everything from football to wrestling, to Disneyland.

James will often ring me at crazy times like 3am in the morning or at 11 at night just as I’m going to bed. He is excited about life and always want to tell me what he is up to. I guess I could get annoyed about the crazy hours he rings me but I decided long ago that I would always answer my brother’s calls. The reality is he only needs a short conversation and this makes him so happy. So answering the phone in the middle of the night is no longer an issue. I will answer quickly say hi for one minute.

My brother will ask me what I’m doing. I will often say sleeping. He will check on the dogs Yoda and Casper and say hello to them. He will want to know if they are awake or getting into mischief. James is so innocent and lovely. He can be hard work to look after at times and can sometimes drive you bonkers especially when he has his mind focussed on one thing. However I love my brother and am so glad to have him in my life.

One bonus to having a brother who rings you most days is hearing what the rest of my family is up to. James will tell me what my mum is doing. Mum might be in bed asleep, be at the supermarket, doing the laundry or cooking dinner but my brother will tell me where she is and what’s she’s doing and that’s kind of nice. My brother always get’s so excited when he is going out, be it to watch a basketball game, play soccer or church camp. In fact my brother just went camping and I missed his daily calls as he camped near the Hamilton, New Zealand Temple, In the North Island where my family live.

brother james

James recently had his first job. It was a “work experience: position at Hell’s Pizza. Did he like it? NO! Well he liked it at first, learning to make Pizza was fun and it was a new experience but going to work each day soon became difficult and he got to the point where he did not want to go. I totally understand, when your mental age is that of a child, work can be fun at first but not if you have to go each day. Anyway, the good news is my brother now has some pizza making skills. I told James next time I see him, which could be 2-3 years away, he will have to help make pizza and we can have a pizza party.

smily face cookies

I told James I am so proud to have a brother who is good at making pizza. When James was in the UK we made sheep cupcakes for Easter. Last week James baked with my mum. He was so proud of his smily face cookies and I promised I’d share them on my blog if he sent me some photos. James sent the photos and here they are.

Well, my brother rings me most days and asks when he can come and visit me. He tells me he is saving his ticket. Travel between New Zealand and the UK is not cheap so it will be a while before I see my brother in the flesh but for now, I’m grateful to have FaceTime and the contact we do have. I’m grateful to have someone who cares about me and want’s to say hi each day. It’s lovely to have someone who asks me how I’m doing and takes a genuine interest in my life.

James truly is a special brother and I just wanted to share some thoughts on this today.

Angela x