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Testing Out MiniScoff Meals: A Review


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MiniScoff Meals Review

Miniscoff meals. Two weeks ago Sylvia and I were sent a special hamper of Children’s Organic meals made by the Award winning brand MiniScoff. Being a mum with chronic illness means that some days I’m either too tired or too unwell to cook a full on meal and having a selection of healthy organic microwave meals and sauces really did make a huge difference to our week.


Each day Sylvia was able to choose which meal she fancied and she started out with Ali Baba’s Shepherd’s Pie. The next day she had Planet Spaghetti, organic Pork and beef Meatballs.


Sylvia really loved her meals. She ate them all and having a simple and easy to prepare healthy meal made it so much easier for us and we started having dinner at the same time each day, something we often struggle to do.


Sylvia then tested out the Chill Yum Yum, Rice and chilli. I wasn’t sure if she would like this one but she ate the lot again and had Salmon Ocean Pie the next day.


The final meal Sylvia has was the Curly Wurly Chicken. This was a bolognese made with organic chicken. Sylvy loved this meal and asked if there was any more.


I’ve never really bought children’s microwave meals before but these went down really well and I was genuinely surprised how much my daughter loved them.


We were a little disappointed when they were all gone. However we did have four fabulous miniscoff sauces to test out with pasta some of which were egg, gluten and dairy free.


I can honestly say of all the food we have ever reviewed so far, these were the best ones for Sylvia. She absolutely loved them and I think it’s something we would love to try again.

available from or direct from – also Miniscoff are offering a FREE meal with your first order (for a limited period only)

We were sent the hamper for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. great for those days when you need something quick but also have the peace of mind they are suitable for your little ones 🙂

  2. It’s refreshing to hear from someone who knows how difficult it is to spend all day preparing meals for their children that there is quality dishes out there that are healthy, tasty and satisfying.

  3. These both sound and look delicious 🙂 love the variety of recipes as well, and the fact some of them are a bit different to the “regular” children’s microwave meals about

  4. I like that they are organic….microwave meals can be so handy and quick when you don’t feel like cooking

  5. This would be perfect for my daughter as I’m currently struggling to get a healthy meal on the table as I seem to be nursing my new baby most of the time

  6. The meals all look great, everything that kids love! The very best test though is that your daughter enjoyed them all 🙂 My little girl would love these too. Lovely review, thanks for sharing x

  7. These look and sound great!
    My daughter has always been very fussy, but thankfully she is now starting to actually try new things and to our amazement she now likes things that I never thought would pass her lips!
    We would love for her to try these😊

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