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Here is a super easy penguin craft for kids and adults to make. 

Last week I started a new Christmas project on The inspiration Edit painting my own images onto Milk Bottles and I really loved it. In fact I loved it so much that I’m planning to do this regular as a hobby and feel so super excited.

I was sent some Milk bottles and Posca Pens from Hobbycraft which are the supplies I needed to work on the idea I had.

penguin craft

I first drew the design I wanted to create on paper. Drawing and painting on a bottle can be tricky so having a rough version of what I wanted to achieve on paper made it easier for me.

penguin craft milk bottle

I then used the black thin Posca Pen to draw my outline on the bottle. This was tricky but I managed to do it okay.

penguin art

Next I added the white followed by the red and for the Penguins Santa hat. if I made a mistake I could quickly wipe it clean using a piece of toilet paper before the paint dried. It does fry pretty quickly so any mistakes need to be dealt with immediately.

penguin art ideas

I then filled in the penguins body using a thick black Posca Pen and then added the yellow for the beak and feet.

penguin art

My penguin bottle turned out really great. I then created a Christmas tree and a Snowman. It was a learning curve for me as it is a new project but it turned out really great and I loved creating these.

penguin art milk bottle painting

Which do you like best? I love them all but I do like my penguin bottle. These can be filled with lots of items from hot chocolate to sweets and you could even tie a ribbon around the neck and give them as a gift. I’m using them as decorations in my home for now.

Angela x

penguin art

*I was sent the supplies from Hobbycraft for the purpose of creating this post. 

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penguin craft and and penguin art tutorial