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If your anything like me, you may have noticed the recent fashion craze for Mermaid style hair. I don’t often get my hair done. To be honest it’s generally around once a year around the time I go to BritMums. In 2015 I got my hair dyed brown and in 2016 I went red. Well this year I am getting the red stripped out and going back to my blonde roots, the colour I’ve always loved to be the most. Then I am getting Mermaid hair.

Pink Mermaid Hair

Getting my hair done is something I’d like to do more regular but to be honest, there are a few reasons I don’t. First of all, a new hair style drains me. It takes quite a few hours and sitting in a chair in the same position for such a long time can be hard for me physically. I have to prepare a few days in advance and rest afterwards just like when I do any big task.

Blue Mermaid Hair

Then there is the cost. I take so much money from the family budget each month for adrenal medication that I don’t feel it is fair to get my hair done as well. Yes I can’t help being unwell but the reality is my health takes priority over my hair and we just can’t afford to do both. I do wish we had more income for luxuries but like many families we have to budget and prioritise and my hair simply has to take a back seat.

Mermaid (Blue) - Lifestyle

So, as I have been looking at different Mermaid hair styles in preparation for Thursday! I am so excited by the way, I came across the Mermaid Minimalist flooring which I love. In fact, I can’t stand the kitchen floor in my home. One day it will be replaced and I think a minimalist scale tile patterns that scream Modern Mermaid would look fantastic in my kitchen! I really do.

Pink Mermaid Hair & Design


In fact Atrafloor have gone Mermaid mad. They have turned the trendy Mermaid hair look into modern mythical style flooring and I really do love it. I am a fan of Vinyl flooring and prefer it to wood, especially as we are dog owners and if a water bowl is knocked over or drink spilt vinyl is far less likely to get damaged.


Well having checked out these new Mermaid themed flooring options, I do think I like the pink and the blue. I could have this in my home. It would be quirky yes but trendy and a fun talking point.

Next week I am getting something very colourful added to my lounge! I am excited! I won’t say what yet but keep an eye out as I will be sharing it here on the blog and I am excited.

I guess in a way getting my hair done is symbolic of my journey. I was once trapped and in an abusive and horrible relationship and now I am free, swimming free like a mermaid, so why not.

So what do you think? Are you a fan of the Mermaid hair trend? Do you like the Altrafloor Mermaid range? Are you looking forward to seeing my new hair style? I sure am. I hope it all goes to plan.

Angela x

*This is not a sponsored post, I simply chose to write about this subject because I wanted to.