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Meeting New Zealand Cousins: Our First Week In Auckland

Last week we had the wonderful opportunity to meet Sylvia’s cousins on the Tongan side of her family tree. We were in Auckland for the first week of our holiday in New Zealand and I was so excited to meet up with Sylvia’s aunty and uncle. Sylvia’s cousins live only about twenty minutes away from my parents so it didn’t take too long to travel to their home. 

Tongan Family In Auckland

Sylvia and her oldest cousin have the same middle name as they are both named after their Tongan grandmother. It was so lovely to finally meet Folola, Sione, Alani and Viola. They were so lovely and Sylvia had so much fun playing with her cousins. 

We finally had an opportunity to share some of Sylvia’s “too small clothes” with family. We took two suitcases of clothes to NZ for family and shared them out between Folola and my sister’s kids. I’ve been saving Yumi dresses and Sylvia’s old primark clothes for 5 years and it was so fun watching the kids try on new things. 

Sylvia Loved Meeting Family In New Zealand

Sylvia loved meeting new family members and was so excited. She told me she wanted live here in New Zealand and that she absolutely loves her family here. It is something to think about for the future I guess.

Being torn between two places is so hard at times and I love the UK, but I also love NZ. It’s not an easy thing. 

The Cinderella Dress

Sylvia gave Folola her Cinderella dress which is now too small. Folola was so happy. She could not stop beaming from ear to ear.When we get back to the UK, I am going to save up the next lot of clothes and hopefully we can return again and bring them for our family. 

A New Cardigan

Sylvia’s grandma gave her a new cardigan. It’s pretty cute and she really liked it. Her grandma also plaited her hair and she really loved it. 

The kids had so much fun and when we return to Auckland next week after our visit to Dunedin in the South Island we will be visiting the cousins again! 

Tongan Food In Auckland

We had a fantastic time and it was great to eat some real Tongan food. It has been years. Sylvia enjoyed the meal we had and is looking forward to having a sleepover at her aunty and uncles house before we go back to the UK. We really had a fantastic time and I just wanted to share about it and post these lovely photos as a memory of our times here in NZ.