A Christmas Jumper for Yoda the Bichon Frise

In November 2014 my family made a decision to get a dog. Yoda was my first dog, a Bichon Frise and he was 12 weeks old at Christmas. It was a scary decision to become a dog owenr as I had never really like dogs before getting Yoda but now I love him to bit.

I’d always been scared of dogs  but after many months of contemplation, John and I decided to go ahead because:

-We had the money

-we felt  ready for a dog

-I believed it would help Sylvia my daughter with her confidence and companionship.

So we got the cutest puppy and John and Sylvia were so happy. I never expected to feel the way I do about Yoda but I do really love him to bits. It’s the same oxytocin feeling you get when you have a newborn baby.

When we named Yoda he was given the name Yoda Snowy Taylor Milnes, however we sometimes refer to him as mr piggy or fatty boomsticks because he is always sniffing for food.

Last Christmas we bought Yoda a lovely little jumper and he looked very cute. He didn’t try to pull it off and even had a nap in his christmas outfit. We even managed to get a little family picture minus myself as I was behind the camera.

Yoda is a delight. He was so cute as a baby and soft and cuddly. Sylvia loves him to bits and has enjoyed playing with him over the past year. Soon it will be Christmas again and Yoda will have his second year with us.  Last year he had a rudolf the reindeer jumper for Chrstmas



I loved this outfit and could not resist buying it for our precious little puppy.

Bichon Frise

He was so cute

Bichon Frise

You could almost cuddle him, he looked like a soft toy.

Bichon Frise

And here is a family photo just before Christmas 2014. How adorable.


Now Yoda is one years old, he has grown is size and tubbiness. We are planning on getting him a new Christmas jumper for 2015.

What Kind of Jumper would you like to see him wear this Christmas?

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  1. awww he is so cute! I tried putting my pups in xmas outfits but they really didn’t take to them at all! As soon as the could get outside they just rolled in mud to try and get them off… grrrr!

  2. Love his name. We’re big dog lovers here – they’re all working dogs on the farm so re a bit more hardy…well, except the spaniels who all have heated floors in their kennels

  3. Oh my god this dog is the cutest. I am generally a cat person but I would really lik to have a dog like this. He looks really cute in his Xmas jumper. I tried to put one on my cat in the past and he ran away then lol

  4. He is a beautiful dog and his lovely nature shines through in the photos. I can’t persuade ours to wear clothes. I got a santa hat on the younger dog for 2 seconds last year. The older dog even hates to wear her coat in the deep cold so something in the house would just not do!

  5. Gosh I can’t believe Yoda is a year old already! I have loved reading about his antics on #AnimalTales and look forward to seeing what jumper he gets. Saari is so different from him ie large and with a very thick coat so she has no need for jumpers and TBH I don’t think I’d get one on her!

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