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Sometimes just sometimes I find the medical receptionist at my Doctors surgery to be patronising, awkward and on a power trip. Since getting diagnosed with Growth Hormone Deficiency, I’ve had nothing but difficulties trying to get medication which should not be that difficult to get.

demi god

Back in December last year I was given a SurePal Injection pen and growth hormone. With the pen came a box of needles. You cant use a needle more than once. Needles are disposable and go into a sharps bin. When the needles are about to run out you need new ones and so at my last doctors appointment I requested new needles.

My Doctor (who is brilliant by the way) told me when I asked for my needle script to bring in the needles to reception so she can order the right size.

A simple task right? Wrong!

I have been too unwell to go anywhere in a few days and so I asked my hubby to take the needle to the reception. John went in. Instead of listening to him say, “The doctor has asked for me to bring this in so the Doctor can make a script”, the receptionist would not listen.

The receptionist instead asked lots of questions like why does she need it? What medication is it for? Why didn’t the doctor prescribe it before? Then she asked the same questions again. What’s it for? Why is she on growth hormone?  She needs to make an appointment to see the doctor.

Seriously, Yes the receptionist needs some info to perform her duties but what the hell has it got to do with her why I am on certain medications. It took a good twenty minutes of messing around before my husband was able to speak to the “prescriptions person” which was why he was there and ask for a simple script. John said the receptionist was on a power trip.


Sometimes simple tasks such as saying, I’ve been asked to bring this in so the GP knows what size to order should really be sufficient.

So on Monday I sent my carer/support person in to try and organise my script. Once again the receptionist was on a power trip. She refused to help my support person and was apparently once more on a power trip.

So, with barely any needles left, I’ve had to ring up and try to sort it out. I was told over the phone, this is very “disturbing” that I am having difficulties collecting needles for such an important medication. I was also told the script has been at the desk waiting a whole week.

So now my hubby is off to go and try again. Sometimes I really get annoyed with the reception lady. She can be so controlling. When the GP says one thing and the receptionist says another. What bugs me most is that when I came out of the GP’s I clearly said, the Doctor has asked me to bring in the needle box I use so she can write a script, I will send it in with my husband. Which I did.

Our Doctors Surgery have recently cancelled the “Over the Phone prescription service” too. You now have to physically go into the surgery to order new medications. Being on regular meds, mine should simply be on repeat and I should not have to faff about every 4 weeks or so trying to get medications but it’s often a hassle and the receptionist/ Demi god always makes things ten times more difficult than it needs to be.

This is my rant for the week