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5 Mattress Hacks Every Sleep Junkie Should Try

Mattress Hacks are something I know a lot about. I spend 80% of my time bed bound and resting and having a good solid mattress is super important to me as is my sleep. Heck the name of this blog before I rebranded was Days In Bed because that is where I spend a lot of my time. In fact, I always smile when I see this particular thought shared on social media: “Dear sleep, I know we’ve had problems when I was younger, but I love you now.”

The quote is supposed to be funny – and it is – but it also delivers a painful truth, we learn the value of good night’s rest both as we age and of course when we are unwell. 

When we realise the importance of quality repose in the bedroom, it is up to us to take all possible measures to create a peaceful and comfortable environment, night after night so that we can get the best quality sleep we need. 

Top 5 Mattress Hacks

Let’s suppose at night you have everything you need: a cozy bedroom, no electronic devices around you, no artificial lights and a comfortable bed. Still, you feel you could do better and improve your slumber.

You’re right: there are a few things you can carry out to make sure that your body and brain get their well-deserved rest. I’m talking about simple mattress hacks that everyone should know about and put into practice.

Pick A Natural Ally

Natural fabrics are your sleep’s best friends, regardless of the season. Mattress pads, covers or toppers made from wool or any breathable fibers, and also cotton or silk sheets will keep you warm during winter or will offer you coolness on hot summer nights. Humanity has been using such fabrics alongside its history, depending on the local environmental conditions and resources. Their purpose has always been to maintain a reasonable temperature for the body during sleep.

I personally love to use a bedspread rather than a duvet. In fact this week John and I got a new bedspread and it’s already helping to keep me cool during these hot summer nights and it looks amazing too. What do you think?

new bedspread mattress hacks


Opt For Modern Pads Or Foam Toppers

The latest mattress pads and toppers come in various shapes and materials; we only have to choose according to our preferences and needs. They are designed to help maintain the right temperature and posture of the body during sleep.

Some of them present modern heating features, which is excellent especially if you have a waterbed. The most prominent advantage of such products is that you can take them with you when you travel, so you can enjoy a sound sleep anywhere you go, no matter the mattress you have underneath you.


Try A Mattress Cooling Topper

Many people complain about waking up in the middle of the night due to overheating. Controlling the room temperature is one thing, but adjusting your body heat is not that simple. I have a fan next to my bed to help cool me down. Possibly the best help you could get in such situations is to have one of those gel-infused memory foam toppers, which can retain body heat and disperse it fairly while you sleep. Doesn’t that sound the dream? 

Choose Innovation 

While reading a few reviews on, I learned about a unique mattress cover, which was a gadget firstly developed for NASA. The product has three layers: a waterproof foundation, a fabric core with thermo-adjusting properties, and a cotton cap that lets air circulate.

This mattress cover is way more interesting than the average cooling toppers: it soaks up any surplus overnight body heat and stores it. Then, it can release the heat gradually back into the air when necessary. This way, you won’t feel too cold or too hot, you’ll just enjoy a perfectly balanced temperature for healthy sleep. How does that sound? 

Embrace Smart Technology Mattress Hack Number 5

One of my favourite choices of all is the top-notch smart mattress covers for ultimate mattress hacking! Smart Mattresses have sophisticated sensors embedded in them, and they function based on specific algorithms with just one purpose: to transform your bed into an intelligent sleep buddy.

It sounds pretty futuristic doesn’t it! However their features are fantastic. You can set the temperature independently, for each side of the bed and even control the bedroom environment at the same time if you have a smart house or at least a few Wi-Fi enabled devices. A Smart Mattress can change and command everything with a simple touch of your smartphone, while already lying in your bed.

So what do you think? Have you got some great hack ideas? I hope so. How will you keep comfortable and cool when sleeping?

*This is a collaborative post*

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