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Four years ago I married a man from Yorkshire. In fact my husband John had lived in Wakefield for 16 years before he left his home and joined Sylvia and I completing our family. Four years is not really a long time but it seems we have lived together forever.

One thing I love about my husband is that John is very safety conscious. He will always double check locks, make sure the fire alarms are working and keep an eye on anything that needs regular maintenance. Not only does my husband do a fantastic job of ensuring our home is safe, he also does a great job looking after our car to keep it road worthy and keep us safe when travelling.

Last year we got a new car. I love our car but I honestly don’t know much about car maintenance. We get our car serviced once a year or once every 20,000 miles whichever comes first. In between servicing our car my husband does regular safety checks including checking the battery and exhaust, changing the oil and ensuring the tyres are safe for the road.

car safety

As a young girl I was in a car on the motorway and our tyre blew. It was a very scary situation. Luckily we were all wearing seat belts and my dad kept control of the car. When we got out the tyre had ripped to shreds and the inside of the tyre looked like old carpet. I remember walking home many miles with my parents and thinking how lucky we had been.

I think my experience as a child makes me more aware of the importance of using safe tyres. So last year my husband felt our tyres were getting thin. He took the car for a service in Lancashire and asked for our tyres be replaced as we had a deal where we get our tyres replaced whenever the tread gets down to 2mm. Our car was serviced but the tyres were not replaced. John questioned this and was told they were a tiny bit over 2mm. We had to wait until the tyres were 2mm exactly.

Not long after John was driving in the rain and he lost traction. He almost crashed and it really freaked him out. John returned to the car company in Lancashire and explained what had happened. The company decided the tyres were not safe after all and quickly replaced them.

I think looking after your car is really important. It’s like any item you have. If you look after it and care for it regular, it will last longer. It’s the same for our car. If we keep it safe and maintained and get the car serviced on time, it will help keep our car looking and feeling new as well as safe.

car safety

We are soon due for another service. We will be going to a different place to get our car serviced this time. If you live in the Wakefield area or nearby one place you can go for servicing is Ossett Tyre House which is close to where my husband used to live. They are a trusted 40 year old family business and have some great reviews on their website. I think checking reviews of different servicing stations before booking your car in is a great idea. It can give you a view of the quality of work and maybe you can even add your own review too.

At least being married to my Husband, I know I am in safe hands when travelling by car. We drive to Yorkshire and Wakefield an awful lot as John has lots of friends and family members there.

Have you serviced your car recently. Please do make sure your tyres are safe. It’s so so important, especially with little ones in the car.

Angela x


*This is a collaborative post.