Making Your House a Home for 2021 – Remodeling Trends

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The past year has certainly changed the way many of us look at our homes, but in the end, most remodeling efforts are both about the valuable use you can make of a remodeling effort right now and the return on investment you can get if you sell your home in the future.

The Homelight Q3 Survey of Real Estate Agents offers some valuable clues to the trends that have both dominated the remodeling scene this year as well as the kinds of features that may appear most popular in the coming months and years. Consider starting a remodel project this winter and reap the benefits yourself! More tips on home remodeling at

Make a Spare Bedroom Into a Home School Room or Home Office

Whether your teenager has moved out to go to college or live on their own, or you simply have more bedrooms than you’re currently using, now is a good time to repurpose a room and add a few features that make it clear that it’s a good homeschool room or home office. Built-ins like desks are more popular than ever, with 14% of real estate agents in the Q3 survey mentioning that they’ve seen an increase in these back-to-school options. Better natural light through replaced windows that aren’t drafty can be a great option and can help you get your Vitamin D even during the cold months. Making permanent or modular additions to a spare bedroom can go a long way to making everyone who lives there comfortable.

Update the Lighting in Your Home for Better Video Conferencing

Better light fixtures with energy-efficient bulbs are an excellent remodeling strategy: they aren’t expensive, they return your investment in the form of reduced energy costs, and picking modern fixtures also makes your home seem nicer and newer if you go to sell your home. An added plus during the time of COVID-19 is that updated lighting will make you and your family members look better on video calls, rather than constantly trying to position that one lamp so that you don’t look too dim or too brightly-lit. 

Add Sunrooms and Other Luxury Additions and Get Lots of Use From Them

While many caution against adding features like whirlpools, sunrooms, or finished basements just for the improved resale value, this is one of the times when you have to calculate the benefit two ways. Yes, your home’s value gets a bit of a bump with some of the permanent remodeling options, but you also get a personal benefit more so than in other years, because you’ll get more use out of those luxury additions. If you’ve always wanted a cozy room where you can watch the sunrise, this is probably the time when you’ll have the most chance to spend time in it, so consider contracting with a home remodeler or getting started on a DIY luxurious home project if you have the skills. 

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  1. I definitely liked the part of your article that discussed the importance of better lighting for homes nowadays. Since I’m working a computer job from the comfort of my own home, it only makes sense that the lights I have are good enough to help me have proper vision whether I’m typing out a long report or in a conference. When I find a contractor in the area that can remodel my office and living space, I’ll make sure that I ask for some extra lighting fixtures as well.

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