Making the Water in Your Home Much, Much Healthier

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Water is one of the most essential things for human beings. On average, every person in your family drinks approximately two to four liters of water – that’s a lot! But this seemingly simple beverage has much more to it. Don’t let a clear glass of water fool you into thinking that it’s clean and healthy. Water can contain a plethora of harmful bacteria and chemicals, as well as useful minerals that you can’t see with the naked eye.

If you’re health-conscious and don’t want any doubts about the quality of drinking water, please read on. Our guide covers the most efficient ways to make the water in your home significantly healthier.

Importance of Having Health-Friendly Water Around the House

You have probably heard someone say “drinking 8 glasses of water a day is a must”. While drinking a good amount of water is good for your body and helps you to stay active, it isn’t the only thing you need. For clearer skin, a faster mind, and other benefits related to drinking water, the quality matters as well.

Having healthy water around the house is important for a bunch of reasons. Most importantly, it’s to avoid disease-causing contaminants from seeping into your system. Simply because of how much water we require daily, we are always at a risk of catching a water-borne disease.

Another reason why you need to be mindful of having a healthy water source is that water is one of the primary sources of minerals and micronutrients that your body needs. These micronutrients are crucial for your body to function properly but they often go overlooked. Some types of vitamins are needed by your protective immune system while certain minerals are important in keeping your bones healthy.

Want to know how you can enrich your water with these vital nutrients? We have all the information you need coming up…

Ways to Make Water Healthier

1. Water Filtration

When it comes to water safety, having a water filtration system is the first step. You first need to evaluate your living conditions to determine how important it is to get a filtration system. Do you live in an area with lead contamination? Are the levels of radon in your area high? Is someone in your family immunocompromised and or suffering from HIV? Researching these questions could save you a lot in the future.

Even if you don’t live in an area with water contaminants, you should still invest in a water filter. But when you start shopping for a system you’ll come across several options. Here’s an overview of the main types of water filtration systems you can buy to get healthier water at your house.

Mechanical Filter

As the name suggests, a mechanical filter uses a sieve-like structure, similar to a mesh, to physically remove particles. The efficiency of this type of water filter varies and depends on the materials used.

*Pro tip: You can judge the filtration strength by comparing micron ratings.

Absorption Filter

Unlike the mechanical filter, an absorption filter doesn’t block the passage of unwanted substances but instead contains substances (usually carbon) to latch onto water-borne contaminants and keep you from drinking them.

Reverse Osmosis System

Among all the different types of water purification, reverse osmosis is our favorite because it’s the most efficient at getting rid of unwanted substances. It mostly works under a similar principle as mechanical filters (it passes water through a partially permeable membrane). But what makes it much more effective is the high pressure that is used to push the water across the partition. This way, a majority of contaminants are completely removed from the water and you can soon drink it without a worry.

To guarantee the benefits above, you also want a good RO system installed. Prices range from $120 to 400 USD and there is no one-size-fits-all approach here.

You can get more details on reverse osmosis system costs and which one is the most suitable for you at

2. Water Enrichment

When it comes to healthy water, you are not only looking to cut out the harmful substances but also to maximize the beneficial nutrients. This is especially important if you are using a water filtration method.

It makes intuitive sense that the water filter that removes small harmful particles also ends up removing the small healthy nutrients. If you are investing in a reverse osmosis system that makes the filtered water practically “empty” of any impurity, then you should look for ways to reintroduce essential micronutrients as well.

There are two ways to enrich your water with nutrients and make it healthy. You can either use a water enrichment filter or use mineral tablets and granules to make up for the lost minerals.

3. Fruit Infusion

Fruit-infused water is a perfect solution to introduce not only more water into your routine but also healthier water. This is a natural solution that makes a dull, boring beverage more exciting. Essentially, what you’re doing is infusing your house water with different fruits and vegetables to benefit from the flavor essence and accompanying vitamins and minerals naturally present. You can also buy fruit infused water that’s free from sugar or preservatives if you want water on the go.

A misconception people have about fruit infusion is that it will increase their calorie intake. When you infuse your water source with fruits, you aren’t juicing or blending them. So no substantial amount of sugars seep through.

Concluding Thoughts

For a lot of people, water is an afterthought. But something as fundamental as water can shape both your long-term health and your day. By making your water much, much healthier, you will feel your days become more productive and your mood more positive.

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