Toilet Roll Snowman Craft For Kids

They say there is always a silver lining to everything and last week while my daughter had a week off with a virus, we had the chance to do some simple but fun activities on the bed. Today I’m sharing our Christmas snowman craft.

Christmas Activities

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What You Will Need

So we found some scrap paper, two toilet rolls, cellotape, a black pen and sticky dots. Then we got work cutting some white paper to line the toilet rolls and create the snowman’s body.

Christmas Activities

Sylvia had great fun and she really enjoyed doing an activity together. I did too. After the body was in place, we created a hat using sparkly blue scrap paper. We found some paper with little crystals on and decided to make some fancy scarfs.

Christmas Activities

Sylvia cut out two orange carrots for our snowman’s nose and we drew on eyes and mouth and coal buttons.

Christmas Activities

It really was a fun but simple activity and something we could both do despite the fact we were both feeling unwell. I’m really pleased we got to do a craft together. Often by the time Sylvia is home from school, I am worn out and unwell and may be too tired or ratty to sit and do something fun. I try my best but sometimes it’s hard. Being home was a good chance to spend quality time together at a slow pace and the end result was a happy child and one more thing ticked off our Christmas Bucket List.

Christmas Activities


toilet roll snowman


  1. My favourite! I love arts & crafts and there’s no better feeling doing it with a little one a great bonding activity. It’s brill the way you can use anything left over and use your imagination to create a little masterpiece. The snowmen look great too! X

  2. Brilliant, simple idea and a nice gentle activity for when you’re not feeling full of energy. I’ll definitely be tackling this over the weekend x

  3. Awh I hope she is feeling better now but you’re right it was a nice excuse to spend some quality time together. I love the snowmans scarf 🙂

  4. I think these snowmen look fab. At this time of year when everything can be so frantic it is really useful to have a simple, easy craft project to do with bits and pieces most of us will have available.

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