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Party planning made simple. Top Party planning tips. – A Collaborative post

Planning a party can be super fun! Trust me, I’ve planned a few parties over the years and it’s always something I’ve really enjoyed. Whether it’s a bridal shower, my daughter’s birthday party or helping plan a friend’s wedding, organising a fantastic party can be really enjoyable and super fun! 

How To Throw A Great Party

Hosting and watching your loved ones and friends as they spend time together in the same spot can provide you with a great source of pleasure. If you want to make your party a big hit, then you’ll need to have a plan!

An effective plan will always include the following:

  •  Activities and games to keep everyone happy.
  • Luscious food
  • Fantastic music
  • A confirmed guest-list
  • Thankyou gifts or favors
  • Fantastic decorations

Hosting A Party 

So what kind of party will you be hosting next? We recently attended a baby shower for my friend. It was great. We carved baby melons and had gender reveal Oreo pops. We also played lots of fun guessing games. When my friend got married, she had a super fun bridal shower and we had to create a wedding dress using toilet paper. That was so funny! 

There are plenty of different types of parties to throw and here is a great list:

  • Anniversary party 
  • Graduation party 
  • Get well gathering 
  • Housewarming party 
  • Engagement party 
  • Pre-wedding party 
  • Bridal shower party
  • Block party
  • Pool party 

Preparing Your Party

One of the most important parts of a party is having a rough idea of the number of individuals who will be attending. This will allow you to plan properly, organise delicious food from a catering company such as flavours catering and ensure you have enough seating, gifts and of course invitations! 

Planning your party well will ensure you don’t go over budget and help you to allocate funds to cover the costs, the food, drinks, invites, decorations, music and entertainment. You might want to design your own invites or have some printed by by a company such as Vista print. That’s where I designed and ordered my wedding invites! 

party invitations

Things To Consider When Making Invitations:

What’s your budget?

Where will the venue be, at what date and time? 

Will you require a permit or license for the party?

How many guests will be attending?

Will guests be able to bring their children?

How will guest RSVP? – Via phone, email, text, social media? 

Make sure you send out your invitations in plenty of time do people can book time off, add the dates to their calendars and RSVP. 

Send invitations a little ahead of the time of your party to allow individuals to verify/hold their calendars and RSVP. 

Saving Costs On The Party Venue

Choosing a venue for a party is an important part of your party planning! There are so many places you might choose to host the party from your own home to a friends home, a restaurant, office, banquet hall, community centre, pool, park or church? 

Some places will of course cost a lot more money to hire out than others. For example, having a party in the home will have little cost in terms of renting the location, your local church hall may also be free of charge or the local park. 

However you do need to consider the costs of clean up afterwards and what fees and services are included from the venue you choose. If you choose a free venue, then you’ll have more planning and organising to do so it’s best to plan what works best for you.


Your next party can be a big hit if you follow the guide and ideas above.  Hopefully, all these tips will prove very handy for you to get your party planning started and to help stay organised and stress free.