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Making An Office Space For Blogging

Before I became a blogger or even a mother I was a teacher and before that I was a student. Most of my life I had a desk, whether it was at school or in the home, I had a desk that I worked at. After moving to Lancashire 4 years ago and downsizing I lost my desk. It was simply too big and although my husband had an office space, I did not.

Since blogging has become a full time profession and we have moved to a larger home, I have been thinking about setting up my own personal office space. I do enjoy working from the sofa or bed at times but I think an organised desk and one of those good strong office chairs that I’ve seen online would be fantastic for me as a blogger.

office space

I think the first thing we need to do is find the perfect space in the home. I’m not sure where to set up my own space. It will either need to be in the lounge, bedroom or spare room. I personally think it’s best to leave the lounge for family time and relaxing so I am gearing more towards the spare room. The room is a little cluttered and so I may need to do a rubbish clearance first and get rid of all the junk that has built up in the room.

We have been using our spare room as a bedroom whenever my parents have stayed over but they are returning to New Zealand and so if I clear out the room it can be made into a perfect office area for me. I already have a wonderful storage unit in the room for blog related work and so all I really need is to find some good quality office furniture.

I like a large desk, one that can fit my desktop computer, stationary and blogging equipment. I do want to do more crafts in future so a larger desk with space to make crafts or set up a light box are would be great. When I do get an office space I will want to decorate. I have seen so many inspirational ideas from other bloggers and would be excited to make my room a little girly and feminine and me!

I think having a work space will help me to separate blog life with everyday family life. It does get pretty intertwined a lot but having a desk and room for blog work could help to stick to a schedule.

Well that’s what I think anyway. We could also make the space workable for Sylvia to do her homework. I really am excited about the prospect of this and will be working on it around October or November if all goes to plan.

I also look forward to having a comfortable blogging chair as my husband John has a office chair which is super comfy but he is always sat in it. I look forward to having one of my own eventually. Until then I will keep looking at ideas and different furniture so I can plan and make my dream blogging zone.

Angela x