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As a mom, you probably wish that you had more hours in the day to accomplish everything on your massive to do list. For instance, you want to spend as much time as possible with those adorable munchkins known as your kids, but you also want to bring in a solid income as an entrepreneur.

Here’s some good news: it is quite possible for hard working mommas like you to make money while still keeping it together as a full-time and devoted mom. As for ideas on how to achieve your goals, check out the following tips:

You Can Work From Home and Enjoy a Flexible Schedule

If you have been dreaming about opening your own company but have been hesitant to do so because of the work needed to get it going, take heed: you can start your own business and make money, all from home. Many budding entrepreneurs become influencers or distributors for brands they love. For example, when partnered with a company like Amway, you can become an Independent Business Owner and work around your kids’ schedules. Making money with Amway is not something that needs to be done on a set schedule, or in an office away from home. If owning your own company is something you’ve always wanted to do, Amway can help make it happen, while still being there for your kids.

Practice Describing What Your Business is All About

As you work toward fulfilling your goal of being a successful entrepreneur and devoted mom, you might feel that you should take advantage of any and all networking opportunities that come your way. Not so fast, advises; before you head out to another networking event, practice articulating what your company is about and in a way that anyone can understand. This way, when you meet potential investors and supporters at these events, they can not only “get” what your new business, but they can clearly explain it to others and help spread the word about your goals. 

While you describe your company, make it crystal clear what benefits there are to being involved with your business. As a side tip, as you work the room at these events, also be on the lookout for chances to meet other successful women entrepreneurs who are known for juggling work and family; if you meet them and they agree to talk over coffee, you may find yourself in an amazing mentorship opportunity.

Look for Ways to Overcome Gender Bias

As you get your new business off the ground while still remaining a devoted mom, you may hear snarky comments from time to time that assume your spouse must be bankrolling your new business, or that your kids must spend 40-plus hours a week in daycare. Rather than firing back at these uneducated rubes and letting their comments get to you, start viewing them as prime opportunities to pitch your company and yourself. Explain that you have found a solid way to make money on a flexible schedule and that you work around your kids’ schedules as much as you can, and then go on to talk about your business and what you are up to. Instead of engaging these folks in an argument, you might find that you end up with a new customer who is really impressed with what you have accomplished as a mom and entrepreneur.

Motherhood and Entrepreneurship: You Can Definitely Enjoy Them Both

Being a successful entrepreneur will take hard work and dedication, but it does not necessarily have to tear you away from your family. By finding your own niche, mastering your elevator pitch and connecting with other working moms, you will definitely reach your goals as a mompreneur who brings in a nice income but is still there to tuck your kids in at night.