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Making Goals For The New Year

Every year I like to look back at my Goals which I set for the year and see how far I have come. I like to set goals in several areas of my life, for example I usually set health goals, parenting goals, social goals, financial goals, educational and career goals. It’s something I do every year.

My number one priority is and will always be “being a mother”. To me this is so so important and I consider it a blessing to be a mum. My daughter means the world to me and I want to do all I can to help meet Sylvia’s needs and teach her all she needs to learn. I will be setting new parenting goals for me and my child to work towards together in 2018.

One of my parenting goals is to provide for my child through blogging. I am a professional blogger and as this is a career choice, I plan to set blogging related goals for 2018. Blogging as a career can be tough. It takes many more hours than if I was teaching in a classroom and a lot of commitment. Blogging success is measured differently by different people. For me it’s not just about statistics, page views and followers but more about the opportunities my family get through running a successful blog.

With this in mind I have set 10 big blog related goals for myself for 2018.



My 2018 Blog Success Goals 

*This blog post contains an affiliate link where I receive a small commission if you sign up to TAILWIND*
  1. To focus my blog on Family Lifestyle and Fun Crafts in 2018 – Including having a 90 Day Content Plan.
  2. To grow a small community of loyal followers on my blog – Using Facebook, Instagram Stories & Newsletters.
  3. To work consistently on my Pinterest account, creating and promoting pinnable images, scheduling and pinning via Tailwind and participating in Tailwind Groups.
  4. To have 15,000 followers on each social media platform I use by the end of 2018.
  5. To find a publisher or self publish my first Children’s Book which I completed in 2017… (This is the scariest and hardest goal for me).
  6. To earn enough income via advertising to cover blog hosting and monthly social media scheduling programmes. I will be using Google Ad’s and Amazon Affiliate links.
  7. To have at least one well paid blog campaign per month and say no to pr offers which are lower than the rates I have set for work in 2018.
  8. To pitch once a month to companies for “Home Items” on my 2018 review list below.
  9. To use the Pomodoro technique and focus on one task at a time and do more batch and block work.
  10. To make regular craft videos which can be shared on Facebook and other social media. Either weekly or fortnightly.


Home Items I’d Like To Review In 2018

So last year I wrote a list of items we either needed or would like for the home and worked on finding review opportunities throughout the year. I plan to do this again and have created a list of 20 items which wold benefit my family and will aim to review all of these items in 2018.

  1. Kitchen Toaster and Kettle.
  2. Dinnerwear. I’ve never had a new set..maybe this will be the year.
  3. A Comfortable Sofa. (The one we have is falling apart and the wood sticks into you when you sit down”.
  4. Towels, I would love to review Bamboo towels.
  5. A Vacuum Cleaner.
  6. Toys for Sylvia
  7. Laundry Items
  8. Bookcase
  9. A New Coat for Sylvia
  10. New Glasses for myself

These are the items I’d like to get or upgrade. I will pitch and keep an eye out for opportunities.

So here are some blogging related goals for 2018. I will be creating some health goals, social goals and financial goals. It is my dream to one day go and visit my family in New Zealand and although I don’t expect to do this in 2018, I do hope to save towards this. I am also hoping this will be the year I get my medication funded by the NHS. It is a fight I will keep fighting and I hope to lose a small amount of weight if I can. hopefully around 1 stone. It is so hard with steroids but I am going to give it a shot and see what happens.

What are your goals?

Angela x