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Making Canvas Prints From Our Holiday – Gifted Review

My husband has been a fan of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit for many years, so when we got a chance to visit New Zealand this past summer John took the time to take some amazing photos. Making canvas prints from our favourite New Zealand Holiday photos was something we knew we had to look into upon our return.

Now and again, John gets to venture out and take some stunning landscapes. During our visit to New Zealand, we visited Hobbiton and the South Island. John took some stunners which we both loved and was keen to get his photographs printed on canvas. This is where ParrotPrint stepped in to help make John’s dream of getting his work printed a reality.


As soon as we received the canvas prints, my husband mounted the photo of Bagg End (The house where Bilbo and Froddo Baggins lived in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies) on the wall above his computer desk. He also mounted the other canvas pieces that we were sent and I have to say they look really great in the man cave area! 

Canvas Printing Options

Having a canvas printed via ParrotPrint is costs as little as £9.99 with FREE next day delivery (for a limited time) and a 100% money-back guarantee. The quality of the canvas prints are fantastic and the printing service was a simple and easy process. 

Creating beautiful canvas prints has never been easier. ParrotPrint has canvas printing options to suit your budget which won’t break the bank. ParrotPrint will convert your digital photos into vibrant, eye-catching works of art on canvas. I’m sure you will agree that John’s photographs do look very awe-inspiring printed on canvas. John has been very happy with how his photographs turned out and they look fabulous in the home. 

Printing Photographs Can be Costly

Printing photographs onto canvas can be costly and the bigger the canvas, the greater the cost. ParrotPrint has proven that you can print your photos to suit any budget, for your home and office workspace.

Visiting some of the iconic locations from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings movies has been one of John’s dreams. When he got to visit Lake Wanaka near Queenstown, NZ, John was very excited. Lake Wanaka is a huge lake and of the Filming locations for Rivendale. The home of Elrond and where the council of Elrond was held, to discuss what to do with The One Ring (The Ring of Sauron). 

I love that we were able to get this image printed onto canvas. It’s one of my favourites for sure. 

Lake Wanaka - New Zealand - Canvas Prints

High Resolutions Images For Printing

When it came to choosing the images for printing, John made sure his photos were uncompressed and exported in the highest resolution possible. Although that is not always necessary for anllcanvas prints, it does help if your images are of the highest possible resolutions.

Aramoana landscape Canvas Prints

Each Canvas print from ParrotPrint has a canvas mounting plate on the back, so the only thing you will need is a hook on the wall. No need for a spirit level to ensure the canvas is level on the wall. I can see John wanting to get more canvas prints, however, that is another discussion for another time. Thanks, ParrotPrint for these fabulous digital prints. We love them!