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Making My Blog Fabulous

Days In Bed

Making My Blog Fabulous

Well, I’m super duper excited today because my new blog illustrations and favicon are completed. I have wanted to improve my blog for some time. A blog is an evolving space online and I have been thinking about how I can personalise the blog and help those who land on my blog to know what I’m all about.

My blog is called Days In Bed because I spend a lot of time unwell in bed resting. I previously had some user testing done on my blog where random people would land on the home page and both testers said they did not get it! They didn’t understand my blog name and guessed it was a blog about kids and family but did not get my domain name.

Well, I now have a beautiful header which clearly shows a mother in bed cuddling her child and that depicts us perfectly. A loving mother trying to give her daughter the best opportunities and blog about life whilst battling illness.

Days In Bed

I love the header. I also love the Photo frames of me, John and Sylvia and of course our little Bichon buddies Yoda and Casper. I have always written about the dogs since I began blogging and I plan to continue sharing A Dogs Life and the cheeky antics our boys get up to.

A Dogs Life

One of the main subjects I blog about is  My Health Journey. I am fighting to get better medical treatment to improve my quality of life and the quality of family life. I have Adrenal Insufficiency and Growth Hormone Deficiency due to pituitary damage in my brain. I’m not sure how I got the damage but I’m trying to live with this and am now saving and fundraising for private treatment. Also due to my medication I gained a lot of weight and so after several years of weight struggles I made a brave decision to have a gastric bypass and I also write about this experience here on the blog.


My Health Journey

I love to write about our family and home. As a previous Early Years Teacher, I love to try and practice some of the things I learnt at work in the home. We love to spend time as a family and i love to write about my own parenting and motherhood experiences.

Family & Home

We are a fun and adventurous family and we love to have fun. I am especially into having Fun with Kids. I think my love for adventure, gadgets and fun activities makes writing about this really enjoyable and I like to write about the fun things we do with our daughter Sylvia.

Fun With Kids

I also love writing about fashion, clothes and Style. My daughter loves dresses and I love pyjamas and having a hubby as a photographer it is the perfect opportunity to share Sylvia’s Style on the blog. It was something I never thought I’d do but something I’ve come to love, dressing my daughter in pretty clothes.

Sylvias Style

And last of all, I have a fabulous category called blogging better. This is really where I write my thoughts about blogging which sometimes have tips and ideas or even opinion on ways to improve as a blogger. Like I said at the start blogging is a process and there is a lot to learn and share.

Blogging Better

So these are my new improvements which I’m super happy about. The best news is that my blog now looks even better and I feel complete. I have a fab blog template and a fab header, brilliant categories and a wonderful Favicon. Thanks Helen from Ellie Illustrates for the wonderful designs.



All At Sea Design


  1. It looks great! I love the pictures. The header is fantastic, but I really love the category pictures too – particularly the dogs and the fun with kids ones. The layout is great too – really clear, and useful menus. So exciting to have a shiny new blog design! (Lucy/R is for Hoppit)

  2. I get your blog title straight away because I too have to spend days in bed sometimes as I have a rare brain disease (I may have wrote about this before) and I can truly relate to how you feel having to stay in bed. It’s not a daily thing for me (Sometimes it can be!) So I can only imagine how hard it must be for you. Bless you. Good luck with your fund raising and your gastric bypass. I love your blogs new look, it’s so cute! I’m looking forward to reading about your dogs, what a great idea to share what your pooches get up to 😀 xx

  3. Wow these are so adorable I love to see pretty illustrations as much as I love illustrating and drawing myself.

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