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Making a Difference in the World through Blogging


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Making a Difference in the World through Blogging



This post was first written on my Daysinbed blog which is since rebranded as The Inspiration Edit.

The more I write on daysinbed.com the more I shape who I am and what I want to be as a blogger.

Sometimes blogging can be really hard. You know, when I’m really sick and I cant think straight.

There is just so much I want to do, but I don’t have the strength and energy to complete the basic tasks never mind write or promote blog posts, read other blogs or join linky’s.

That’s why on the days I can write, I try to prepare posts for the future.

Being unwell and unable to function at times can be really frustrating. It can upset me and test my patience.

I sometimes feel really annoyed and feel like I’m not going anywhere. I feel frustrated as I’m working so hard and yet sometimes I work so slowly and feel as if I’m not progressing.

I do hope to eventually make a full time wage through blogging.

This is not something that will come straight away and it will take time, months, years and a lot of  hard work and perseverance and sometimes I will feel a little frustrated. I simply have to persevere.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been feeling a little down about my blogging experience.

I understand my feelings have been impacted by the fact I’ve simply been more unwell over the past month and stuck in bed even more than usual.

It can at times be really depressing and I have for the first time in months done quite a bit of crying.

Feeling so unwell has impacted my thinking and I’ve felt at times really upset. I started to think my blog was not successful.

Feeling unwell was giving me tunnel vision. I’ve come to realise that I’ve been using the wrong measuring stick.

I was wrongly measuring my success by the number of brands contacting me and offering me reviews or paid work. (roll eyes).

Yes, if the only reason for blogging is to make money then that is the correct measuring stick to measure success but blogging for money is not my main or only reason for writing.

I blog for therapy to help me understand myself, to raise awareness for Adrenal Insufficiency and chronic illness, write about our experiences and to inspire others.

I think the fact my husband and I have been struggling financially and my desperation to raise funds for better medical treatment has somewhat impacted upon my thinking.

However last week I had a moment of clarity where I realised actually I need to change the way measure the success of my blog.

For example, I was starting to get a little bogged down in stats. In particular how many comments I get per post. I was previously getting lot’s of comments on my blog and I am still getting comments, however the frequency and number has dropped as have the shares. Does this mean I’m unsuccessful?

No, not really and why is that? Because my following is growing and the comments are coming through other mediums.

People are commenting more on social media, on twitter and face book. People are engaging with me more socially than on the actual blog.

I figured the more people follow me and engage on social media, the less inclined they are to physically go and comment on my blog.

Less comments does not mean less page views. My views are growing really well and I’m really pleased with this. I’m not a superstar blogger yet.

It’s just people would rather say, “hey I loved your post” online than type it into my comments section.

I’ve realised that measuring my blog success by money/job offers and blog comments is not going to work for me. Now I know this I am able to feel happier with my progress.

In fact I’ve come to understand that I’m making a huge difference and that I am a positive inspiration to many people.

In the past few weeks I’ve has some lovely comments from parent bloggers, followers and people working in the medical industry. I think this counts for something.

Last week I got two messages from Pixie MacKenna, the doctor from ITV’s Embarassing Bodies. She thanked me for my work on raising awareness for Cervical cancer and said I am Inspirational and a legend. Now that is really great!

I’ve also had lots of private messages thanking me for the posts I write because they are helpful to others. Many parent bloggers say really nice things about me and this has given me the small boost I’ve needed when I’ve been feeling so rubbish lately.

What made me feel really great last week was when another blogger mentioned me as a blogger that is inspires her. It was really nice to read what she had to say about me.

I have been thinking about the bigger picture lately and I can see that I am doing a lot of good and making a difference to the world and at the end of the day, that’s the most important thing.

Yes I want to be successful financially, to pay for medical treatment and to help my family to have a better life but at the end of the day, I also need to have fun blogging and enjoy what I write.

I want to engage with people and to make a real difference in the world, raising awareness about health conditions and sharing my story, my life and experiences. I’m not 100% percent sure who my audience is yet and so I’m going to spend the next few months focusing on this.

I’m also cutting back on collaborations. If a good opportunity comes along I will snap it up but for the next few months I need to focus on what direction I am taking daysinbed.com and continue to figure out my own personal style.

This really is a Journey and one I need to enjoy. It takes time to work out who you are as a blogger and I’m going to take the rest of the year to really think about this.

Do you know who you are? Have you worked out your blogging style? How do you measure your blogging success?



  1. I’d love to be more successful with my blogging too, but for now I’m also focusing on making friendships and being helpful/inspirational where possible 🙂 You’re doing great lady 🙂

    1. Thanks Julie. I think for now I just need to keep working out who I am as a blogger. It’s a process and as you say there is the friendship side to it too which is so important to me as someone who spends a lot of time indoors. (For now). Thanks for commenting on the blog. Angela x

    1. Thanks Jeremy. I think everyone’s blogs are unique and important. I’m just happy to know there is much more to blogging than money making or getting views and comments. it’s about making a difference and helping others and making friends in the process and thats what i love about it.

      Angela x

  2. I have been thinking about stats too lately and I have been trying to get not too caught up in them.My blog can be very up and down and some months I have lower stats, like this month, but then my social stats have been awesome. I find comments really are liked to the amount of linkys I can commit to too.

    1. I think there is a correlation between how many linkys we join and how many comments we get. That is true. It’s funny as soon as I focus on other things the blog stats improve overall. I’m finding my blogging voice and trying to keep on top but when you are a busy mum or have not got time or have illness, something has to give and i think for me its been linkys. Angela x

  3. Great post, really interesting to read why different people blog. I blog because I love it and it helps me support my family. I recently helped to raise £8k in 3 days for the Syria campaign which was a great success and it is wonderful when there are bonuses such as that x

    1. That’s awesome Aby. I love blogging too, I’m just trying to find my voice still…. Congrats on supporting the Syria campaign. It’s great to be able to do things like this as influencers. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your visit. Angela x

  4. I think it’s difficult to keep blogging if you are purely doing it to bring money in.. you need the passion to keep you going so it’s definitely a good idea to keep the fun in it and enjoy it!

    1. Yes. I’ve always loved blogging and I feel so passionate about it, I don’t think I could ever give it up now, but it need to be done for the right reasons and the money and supporting the family part is the bonus of doing something we love! I guess for me I don’t not like it, I have just found it hard to keep up whilst feeling so unwell, but this will pass and things will improve.

      Angela x

  5. Darling you are doing so well, please don’t worry about comments, many engage on social platforms so comments drop for us all. I am friends with one of the super bloggers in style and she rarely gets comments, in fact some of the biggest bloggers in the world don’t receive any or even have comments off. Focus on what you want to achieve, stay positive where possible, keep writing and know what a difference you are making, how well you write and how strong you are x

    1. Thanks Vicki. Your absolutely right! I love getting great advice from you, it’s always spot on and very useful! I will get my butt into gear and get focussed! 🙂 Thanks so much for your lovely comments and for stopping by! Angela x

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