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How To Make Mexican Fajita’s


How To Make Mexican Fajita’s

A few weeks ago, our family was asked to take part in the Santa Maria Recipe Challenge. We were given some fabulous ingredients and as I was too unwell to stand or take part, I sat and watched and took some lovely photos as my hubby and daughter created our very own Fajita’s! 


John worked on the actual Fajita recipe, whist sylvia (guided by moi- mummy) made a wonderful avocado and lemon Guacamole.




To make the Guacamole. we needed one huge Tomato and two Avacados. We     scooped the avacado pip and sylvia placed the avacado into a container. She also mashed up one huge tomato which was really fun and then combined this with the Avacado.


Meanwhile John got to work on chopping the Red and Green Peppers. I chopped the onions in advance, while John and Sylvia were out finding fresh coriander. We used one huge red onion and split this over both the fajita mix and guacamole recipes.


Next John cooked chicken strips using a healthy light olive oil spray. Sylvia mixed the avacado and tomato with our hand blender! This really is a great tool to use, We often   use it for blending tomatoes, especially when we make our own Tomato based meals!


John, cooked the peppers and onion and finally added the Santa Maria seasoning mix to the Fajita mix.


Sylvia added the fresh coriander (Our secret Ingredient) to the Guacamole and the juice of half a lemon! She had a lot of fun making the Guacamole!



Once the fajita mix was ready, we heated the Tortilla Wraps until warm and the filled them with the tasty Fajita mix. We added a side dish of Secret Recipe Guacamole and some of Santa Maria’s famous mexican Salsa.


The Fajita’s and Guacamole made a tasty, healthy Mexican dish which the whole family enjoyed. Sylvia and John decided to eat on the sofa for a change as the table was covered in mummy’s blogging equipment.



There were plenty Tortilla’s left for sharing and Daddy even went back for seconds!


The Santa Maria Fajita’s with Guacamole and Salsa were a hit and is definitely something we will be trying out again!

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Angela Milnes


    1. We really did have fun! My daughter is happiest when we are baking/cooking, even if i’m just watching and instructing. She finds it fun!

      Angela x

  1. Looks mighty tasty Ang! I just picked some fresh peppers from our garden tonight and theres a few tomatoes that are almost ripe as well. I plan to make some guacamole or salsa with them all. I am visiting you from #mummy&us.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this post! We haven’t had much mexican but this one tasted fab.. not too spicy but not boring either in flavour! I liked the salsa too! Angela x

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