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How To Make Homemade Fruit Jelly

fruit jelly

How To Make Home Made Fruit Jelly

Having my daughter home in the holidays was a wonderful experience. We had a great time together. She went on activities and we spent a lot more time together than we would when she is in school. The one massive difference that I noticed was the amount of food Sylvia needed in the holidays, she literally ate us out of house and home.

My daughter is growing and while at school she has a cooked meal and a dessert. She then has another meal at about 5.30 in the evening with the family. Even with these meals, Sylvia is still always hungry. She wants snacks and I want to give her healthy snacks.

I don’t want my daughter snacking on crisps and chocolate and biscuits. I’m fully aware that the way we eat in the home will influence Sylvia’s eating habits as an adult, therefore I’m trying my best to give her healthier options.

So last week, as the new school year began, we made some fruit Jelly’s. Jelly is not too high in calories and by adding some fresh fruit to the mix we were able to make some tasty snacks for Sylvia to eat after her evening meal. Snacks that we can budget for and that are better than buying more expensive ready made products from the store.


Making Jelly is very easy. You simple melt the jelly blocks or crystals depending on what pack you buy into boiling hot water and mix it around until it dissolves.


You can make the jelly in a large bowl or if you have jelly posts you can put them into pots. Ours cost £1 from Tesco which wasn’t too bad to say we are going to reuse them many times for different desserts!


We added mandarins segments into our jelly posts. I wanted to add some fruit as a way to help Sylvia get her five a day.


We then added the jelly into the pots, popped on the lids and placed them in the fridge to set.


This was a new idea and I wasn’t 100% percent sure if Sylvia would like the jelly mixed with fruit but it was a winner and now I have one snack to give her each evening. Now I’ll be having a good look around to find some new tasty ideas for things to give my daughter on a budget which is fun to make together and hopefully healthier than out of a processed pack.


Angela x

Here's a guide on How to Make Homemade Fruit Jelly

Jelly One


  1. My smallest is a total jelly adict, I hadn’t thought of giving them for snacks though! I love the little pots, they are just perfect for storing the jelly preportioned! THankyou for sharing this great idea with me and the#busydoinglife linky!

    1. The pots were only £1 from tesco- a good bargain and i’m pleased you thought it was a great idea. WHne I did this I wasn;t sure if the post would go well as its such a basic thing and i assume everyone knows how to make jelly so I wasn’t sure if people would think this was lame. Nice to know it’s not!

      Angela x

  2. We always put mandarin segments in our jelly – loving the look of the little jelly pots will have to check Tesco out! Monkey is developing a sweet tooth, think I will give these a go. Thank you #busydoinglife

  3. These look so yummy. My son loves Jello. Those pots look perfect for making the fruit jellys.


    Sammy @

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