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Mermaid Preschool Letter M Worksheets

Letter M Worksheets

Today we are sharing our latest free printables for kids. This is based on the letter M and the theme of mermaid. I hope you enjoy these fun mermaid worksheets. Enjoy.

Reading and writing is a great way to get kids excited about the alphabet and it’s a fun way to learn. My daughter loves mermaids. In fact when I asked her hat she wants to be when she grows up she said “A Mermaid”.

I am sure as my daughter grows her ambition and career choice will change but it’s great to be able to use resources like these to help our little ones.

letter M Worksheets

There are four worksheets to choose from and they have the option to colour, count and trace.

letter M Worksheets

We used paint sticks to demonstrate these letter M Worksheets but your welcome to use crayons, pencils or other mediums. The aim to encourage counting and basic letter writing practice of the letter M.

letter M Worksheets

I really do hope you enjoy these worksheets and find them useful for preschool and kindergarten or as a home resource.

letter M Worksheets

Download your free Letter M Worksheets here.

M is for Mermaid preschool worksheets letter M Worksheets


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