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Create A Lush Environment With Artificial Areca Palms

Who doesn’t want to imbue his premise with the lush green foliage and tropical hedges? The green plants are known by all and sundry to increase the aesthetic appeal of a place and add a feeling of warmth to the area. As winter is approaching nearer, you would try your best means to hold back the cozy comfort of the area; and the best means of materializing this is to incorporate tropical foliage like areca palm. But the greatest problem is that areca palm grows well in the tropical climate, and they are not able to adapt to any other climatic condition.

Create the same tropical feel with fake plants

So, as you can see it is impossible to have natural plants in your commercial premise this winter. But you cannot deprive your hotel, shopping center, amusement park, casino, spa or hospital from the warmth and snug feeling imparted by the tropical palm leaves. Given such a situation, the only way to get rid of this dilemma is to incorporate beautiful and lifelike faux areca palms within the interiors and exterior landscape and let your visitors drool over them.

Fake palms or real palms: which one is better?

Time and again, commercial property owners have delved deep to find the answer to an obvious question. Fake plants or natural ones, which one should they invest for. While it is true that natural plants can never be compared with their artificial counterparts, there are some situations in which going with the faux plants appear much more feasible. If you are still not convinced, here are a few points that you should consider while decorating your commercial property.

  • High-quality fake plants: There was a time in the past when artificial plants were made from poor quality plastic and silk materials, but situations have evolved to such an extent that today only the best-in-class silk and bio-compatible plastic materials are used for manufacturing the plants. As a result, the newly produced fake plants are so lifelike that you or your guests would hardly be able to discern any difference between the natural and fake plants.
  • Easy to maintain: The fake areca palms would be much easier to maintain and care for than the natural areca palms. In case of natural plants, you would have to water the plants, check the soil condition, trim the plant once in a while and also remove away dead and decaying parts. But with the fake plants, there is no need to invest your time and money for maintaining the plants.
  • Cost-effective solution: If you had to invest in buying natural areca palms for adorning your commercial premise, you would also have to keep some money secured for their maintenance and subsequent replacement after a few years. Though areca palms are known to last for at least a decade, you cannot expect them to live through eternity. But with the fake areca palms, you would not have to wait till the plant grows and not have to employ someone to look after your plants. Your fake foliage would be imbued with a natural elegance when they are introduced to your commercial property, and thankfully, they will retain this beauty for many years to come.
  • Maintain the grace of the area: Since the commercially produced areca palm trees are suitable to be used both indoors and outdoors, you can keep them in your office, meeting room, conference hall, corridors, wall decor or wherever you want to. Now if these plants were natural, they would drop off the areca nuts here and there and ruin the scenic glamour of the entire place. But with fake plants, there is no chance of these kinds of mishaps.
  • Strong yet delicate: the fake areca palms are constructed in such a way that you would not have to worry about them even if they are placed outdoors. No matter whether your trees are made to bear the heat of the sun or a strong wind blowing at night, they would be as beautiful and unaffected as they originally were. This is because a UV protective material is impregnated deep within the inner layers of the plant which doesn’t allow it to wash off. As a result, the faux areca palms would never lose their delicacy or turn pale no matter what the weather outside is.
  • Fire retardant properties: have you ever heard that the plants could actually contribute to keeping off damages caused by fire breakout? This is what the commercially produced fake plants would do. The renowned manufacturers of these plants have ensured that the areca palms are passed through stringent codes so that they can retard off the fire. In case your plants are affected by fire, they would produce minimal amounts of smoke and prevent the fire from spreading.

Create awesome themes with the areca palms

Once you have understood the advantages proffered by these high-quality fake plants, you can now consider installing them wherever you want to. These plants would fit equally well in your commercial outdoors as well as indoors, but you have to be extremely cautious to create a theme that’s not unique but also reflects your style and business objective. If you have a hotel, you can place them in the driveways and the corridors, hotel lobbies, somewhere around the reception. The same idea can be implemented in case of shopping centers and the hospitals. When you decorate the area with the same plants, you can easily carry the same theme both within and without your property. And there could be nothing more rewarding than having your guests and visitors appreciate your creativity and thoughtfulness.