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How To Love What You Do And Be Happy


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How To Love What You Do And Be Happy

As a teenager, I was sitting in a room listening to a motivational speech about life and happiness. The speaker was a Mother, a woman with four children. She was a successful Early Childhood Manager, owned a home, had a fantastic husband and was really happy.

The speaker then said something which has stuck with me my whole life. She said that she had spent many years focussing on the future, instead of the present. She had said, when I do this and when I do that. The speaker focussed on future achievements such as “when I get my degree”, “when my I finished having kids” and “when we have more money”.

The lesson I was taught on that day was to enjoy the moment. I realised I often had the same mentality, focussing on the future all the time and failing to enjoy the now.

Be Happy


I realised that in order for me to enjoy life and be happy, I needed to enjoy the small moments in life. I didn’t want my life to pass me by thinking, I will be happy when certain accomplishments have been achieved.

I’ve not always stuck to this value or mode of thought and at times it’s been a lot harder to be happy in the moment and easier to look to the future but enjoying the now and looing forward to each day is, in my opinion, the best way to go.

I’m still learning to do this. I am learning to enjoy each day as it comes. I have still had moments where I think about the future and of course planning for the future is important, however its just as important to enjoy the now.

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So as I apply this principle into my life it helps me to stay focussed on enjoying each day as it comes. Focussing on the now helps me to have fun with my family rather than thinking we will have fun when the carpets are down. Focussing on the now helps me to buy the items I need rather than thinking I’ll get something when I’ve lost more weight or when it’s a special occasion.

It’s okay to enjoy life and to be happy even when things are not perfect. For me, I will always be unwell and have Adrenal Insufficiency. However, I also have a family and a nice home. I have a purpose. I’m a Mother, a wife, a blogger and a friend. I can enjoy each day the best I can and make the most of my time when I feel well.

I can create my own happiness and not wait for it to come to me. I have created a quote which I wanted it share. This quite nicely sums up my thoughts today. Happiness is not doing what one likes but liking what one does.

I think this is true. I hope this post is useful and that it helps and inspires you to be happy no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.

Angela x

Be Happy


  1. Love this Angela! So inspiring and thought provoking. It’s all too easy to look to the future. I know I do this at times too. It’s so easy to do when we have things that we want to change in our lives. But it’s so important to be present in the moment and enjoy the now. Thank you for sharing. x

  2. I’m the same way! I realize that being present is best, but I’m still learning how to live it out. I just did this today, a few minutes before reading this post. I caught myself thinking, “I’ll do that when such and such happens….” instead of now. Like you, I’ve had health challenges and when you walk through a health crisis long enough it’s real easy to avoid living in the present because it can suck. 😃 That’s when I realize that I’ve got to change my perspective and see the good despite the not so good.

  3. True. You have to be happy with what you are doing now. Just do your best in everything you can and things will turn out right in the future. Focus on your character, on what you can do for your neighbor, on your purpose in life and God will take care of your future.

  4. It absolutely feel that we have the power to create our own joy. It is not always easy, but it is important to remember that life is far too short to be anything but happy.

  5. This is a very good message for us all. We don’t always end up doing what we dreamed of in life but that doesn’t mean we can’t be happy with what we have.

  6. I love this!! So important to make sure you are doing what you love and that you feel happy while doing it! Hard to remember we create our own happiness!

  7. I agree. Enjoying the small things in life is so important. You have a very positive attitude and that can really help during the tough times when we just don’t feel well and get discouraged.

  8. An inspiring and meaningful post. I often wonder when we loose touch with what happiness means to us. As kids we see it clearly – but as we grow older we make far too many compromises often at the cost of happiness. This post puts things back into perspective.

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