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This week we received some fantastic cardigans and a Girls dalmation dogs Jumper from Love The Sales and whilst I will be sharing a review of the cardigans in the coming days, I wanted to share these lovely Portrait pictures of Sylvia with her new Dog Jumper.

Sylvia absolutely loves her new Dog Jumper. She said it’s “wooftastic”. I love the gold and black blends and the pretty detailing on the front and back of this jumper. This is a Yumi Jumper, one of our favourite brands and is sold at House Of Fraser. We found it on Love The Sales online and it was significantly cheaper than in some other locations.

I am a fan of Love The Sales as I like to find bargains which are marked down and it’s a one stop shop for finding some of my favourite children’s clothing items.

girls dog jumper

Review update: Sylvia loved this jumper, however she found it to be very itchy after a few wears and it ended up at the back of the drawer. In the end we donated it to another child who loved it and did not mind the itchy material.

girls dog jumper

I do need to be honest and truthful about this jumper and although some may frown upon it, this is a honest review and it’s important to speak about these things for the protection of the consumer. 


This was a cute jumper but far too itchy for my daughter to wear regular. 

girls dog jumper

girls dog jumper

Do you like the jumper? We love it! If your child could choose an animal themed jumper what would they choose?

Angela and Sylvia x

*Review Post