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My Love Affair With Stationery

secret agent stationary kit

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My Love Affair With Stationery

Anyone who knows me well will know that my favourite gift to receive is stationery. I love paper and pens, felts and lovely diaries. Stationery is just wonderful and I get this lovely feeling when I have new paper and products. I don’t know why but it’s my favourite gift.

For some people they love beauty products or makeup, my absolute favourite item is felt tip pens and planners. I guess it’s part of my talent or need to be organised and new stationery always helps me with this.

So of course with it being National Stationery week, I wouldn’t want to miss out on writing about my love for stationery. In fact I was super exciting to receive an email from Phoenix Trading a store which sells gorgeous and adorable stationary items.

I was asked to choose some products to review and within a day or so I had a wonderful new delivery at my door. I was so excited to get out the new items and see what they were like.

The first item I chose was the weekly planner with a tall house theme. This is a planner you can jot notes on and there are a full 52 pages so it can last a whole year. This will be really handy for adding my hospital and doctors appointments on and my list of things to do “for the home and family”. I do have an online diary but I love to write and see my lists on paper so this new planner is ideal for this.

Stationary planner

Second I chose some adorable Wellington Boot cards. These will be perfect as thank you notes and Sylvia and I are going to use them as teacher appreciation cards at the end of the school year in a few months. I do think these cards are super cute and really like the design.

Next I ordered an Address book and spotty dotty notebook. It has been a long time since I had an address book but this is going to come in handy for me, especially for birthdays and Christmas. I’ll be adding people’s addresses to the book so I can get back into sending cards on special occasions . I’m quite excited about this.


Last but not least I ordered the coolest item for Sylvia. She received a Top Secret, secret agent kit with magic spy pen. This is really quite cute and something I would have loved as a child. Sylvia is into diary writing and secret notes and this is right up her street.

secret agent stationary kit

The best part according to Sylvia is the Magic spy pen which is an invisible ink pen and super cool. We are both so happy with our new stationery and Sylvia received hers an a reward. She earned it and that’s the best way I think.

secret agent stationary kit

We enjoyed receiving new items for National Stationery Week and the quality of the products is really quite good. I don’t even have a bad thing to say. Even the delivery was spot on and I’ll be visiting the Phoenix Trading website again to see what other goodies they have available. I quite like the look of their children’s reward chart.

Angela x

*We were sent this stationery pack for the purpose of review. All views and opinions are my own.


  1. I don’t really get stationery. I always have a diary and like pens etc but don’t get overly excited about it. It has a function and if it looks good that is a bonus! I like the idea of getting children (and adults) handwriting

    1. yes it’s good for ids to practice their handwriting. I guess some like stationary, other beauty products and others other items. I’m a stationary lover.

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