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Lorraine Galvin Survivor to Life Saver

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I’m really excited to introduce my Inspirational Women blog series which will be featured on the Inspiration Edit throughout 2017. I plan to share posts on Women who Inspire me both past and present and today in the run up to this series I am sharing one of the uncovered stories from Universal Channel’s latest initiative 100% Character Uncovered, the story of Lorraine Galvin, a Life Saver working in Ireland.

Lorraine Galvin

At just 16 years of age, Lorraine Galvin experienced a dramatic event at sea. She capsized in an area where there were no rescue services and as a result, she spent 3 hours in the water believing there was no hope of rescue. Thankfully Lorraine was rescued and when given the opportunity she decided to become a lifeboat rescue volunteer in the Wexford area.


Rather than allowing the terrifying incident to scare her, Lorraine chose to become a rescue worker and now volunteers alongside 15 other lifeboat rescue workers for Wexford RNLI.

Lorraine’s story is both Inspiring and brilliant. Rather than being afraid of water and sailing, Lorraine decided to take her near death experience and make it into a positive.

We can all learn from this. We all face difficulties and trials in life and Lorraine turned her experience into a strength using it in a positive way by going on to help others in similar situations.

life guard

I can really relate to this story. I’ve experienced serious health issues in my life and other life changing challenges and like Lorraine, I try to focus on the positive that comes from difficult moments and use this to help and inspire others.

Lorraine’s story has been made into a film. Her story is about going against the grain, finding courage in the strangest of places and putting others first. If you would like to learn more about Lorraine and her Inspirational story you can visit the Universal Channel here .

You can also check out the other uncovered characters on Universal Channel’s website here. 


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