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Looking Through The Gate Photo Shoot

gate photo shoot

Looking Through The Gate Photo Shoot

Today I am sharing a lovely photo that I really do love. It’s not easy getting good pictures of your kids but I love this and wanted to share!

gate photo shoot
Sylvia through the gate – Colour
gate photo shoot
Sylvia through the gate – B/W

Sylvia wearing her favourite flowery dress while peering through a gate.


Lift One Another

Today I managed to attend church for two hours. I really enjoyed doing something I love learning new things and seeing good friends. One thing I love about being part of a community is seeing the support and kindness people show to one another. With that said, I created a quote which pretty much sums up my good friends, friends at church, friends in different locations around the UK, around the country, online and off line.

This Quote is for you!


Thanks for reading and have a fab Week.

Angela xx


    1. Thanks Tim…. I’ve been saving this one for a little while for a week when i was ill and it was perfect timing. I love the dress too as it matches the flowers in the background! – ANgela x

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