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Visiting The London Sea Life Aquarium

Last time we visited London as a family, Sylvia took a trip to the London Sea Life Aquarium. Sylvia is a huge fan of fish and animals and so this was a real treat for Sylvia and her dad.

SeaLife London

The Sealife London Aquarium is divided into three floors. After arriving John and Sylvia first went down to the Aquatics area to view the fish, Sharks and stingray.


Sylvia loved to see the Sharks swimming around as well as looking at the little fish and tiny seahorses.

SeaLife London

The fish were in separate tanks and there were wall plaques next to the tanks with information to read and learn about the different fish.


Sylvia went to Sealife with her Finding Dory backpack and was excited to find Fish that looked like Dory and Nemo. She was excited to show me the photographs when returning from her trip.


One of the highlights for Sylvia at the London SeaLife Aquarium was the penguins. There were lots of penguins swimming in the water and waddling on the ice.


There were some Giant and small turtles which Sylvia really enjoyed watching. She wasn’t as keen on the giant Crocodile but she thought the turtles were really cute and enjoyed watching them swim in the water.


There were lots of different types of fish and plenty to see. Some small and some large ugly looking fish with large lips.


Sylvia and John spent two hours at the Aquarium and enjoyed visiting all the tanks and viewing the fish. It was a real fun adventure and she can’t wait to return to Sealife again and show mummy as I was too unwell on the day to visit.


All in all, it was a fantastic afternoon for John and Sylvia. The queues were big but went down fast and there was plenty to see and do. There were opportunities to have photographs taken and a fantastic Sealife shop on the way out. It was a fun filled day and Sylvia loved her visit to SeaLife with her Dad.


We were given access in return for this review.

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