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 Living With Mobility Issues

5 years ago I never imagined I would develop a serious health condition Adrenal Insufficiency and I certainly did not expect to need or require a wheelchair. In fact when I married John I was fit and healthy and doing a lot of walking and swimming.


Sadly within days of marriage our lives were turned upside down as I collapsed and was admitted to hospital. My adrenal insufficiency was out of control for over 3 years. I was often bed bound and unable to leave the home. I developed Vitamin D deficiency and was later diagnosed with human iron problems and Human growth hormone deficiency.

Life became very different and due to severe fatigue and the mobility issues this caused I was given a wheelchair. I do not have to use a wheelchair everyday. That is because on my sick days I stay home. However if I were to go out on a daily basis I would certainly need to use it. In fact we are taking the wheelchair to Disneyland so I can pace myself and make the most of our family holiday.

I miss being able to get out and about and one thing I really miss is the freedom to walk with my daughter, to take her to school on a morning and go to the shop for bread or milk. I have lost a lot of my independence and sometimes it makes me feel a little trapped.

Since getting an adrenal pump a year ago things have improved however I can’t do long distance and that means my ability to do everyday parent activities is dependent on transport.

I have recently been thinking about getting a mobility scooter. I have been a little hesitant to look into this for a few reasons. The first reason was space. We literally had no space in our old house and buying a scooter would have been problematic. Now we have a home where I could potentially store a scooter and I can start to look into the possibility of purchasing one.

The second reason I didn’t really want a scooter was the looks and stares. I hate being in a wheelchair and having people look away or stare at me. Likewise I might feel a little uncomfortable on a scooter which is often associated with the elderly. However I do have mobility issues and I think getting a Scooter and the benefits to my family and daughter would outweigh any uncomfortable feelings I may have.

There are a few different types of mobility scooters out there and I think choosing the right mobility scooter could be of benefit to me. Not only could I take Sylvia to school, I would be able to ride down to the Doctor, (who I visit a lot) and again not have to be dependent on my husband to drive me there.

There are mini portable scooters for indoor and pavement use. Then there are mid range scooters which allow longer distance travel via pavement and lastly there are class three road legal scooters which can travel much longer distances and can be used on the road. Personally I would prefer a road worthy scooter as this would be better for getting out and about in my village and would be better for my weight and needs.

A class three scooter is the most expensive type and harder to store than a portable scooter but for me this is the one I would invest in if I had the money. It’s something to think about and something I might be able to save for in the coming months.

Angela x

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