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Today I’m sharing a photo of my daughter which I just love. It was taken  as she was spinning around and is just funny and cute and shows how happy she is. We have the most fun when we are joking and laughing and being silly and this shot is typical of my daughter’s sense of humour and how happy she can be and make me feel.

Living Arrows – β€œYou are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

happy child

This week Sylvia has spent the week with her maternal grandparents, my mum and dad who are in the UK from New Zealand. Sylvia has never really sent much time with her grandparents but she had an amazing time. I had a fantastic rest at home and it helped me recover form my operation well.

I’m glad to have my daughter back, I missed her wonderful personality and her huge smile, our hugs and messages we tell each other. It was fantastic to just lay in the bed together and read a story, a week can seem like a long time when your separated from your child but it’s not too long.

I’m grateful to be a mother and love to see my daughter’s personality blossoming. She is an amazing child with tons of personality, funny phrases, cute songs and jokes. She blesses my life and I am grateful for the day she came into my life and the fact she is mine and lives with me as my child whom I can love and raise to the best of my ability.