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Life Is Not Perfect And Feeling Sad

I think sometimes as a blogger life can look wonderful. We get to share the best parts of our lives, the awesome photos and the good. I also like to share the reality and the not so good. I think over the past few weeks and months I have been feeling a little sad.

The reality is life is not perfect. I have a few chronic illnesses and things have been a struggle. In my personal life, I’ve waited patiently for many months to see a specialist for one of my health conditions. I’m pleased to say that the wait is over and I received a diagnosis in that respect. I am now on a waiting list for a treatment I need and this should help me to feel a little more well.

Waiting for treatment when your unwell is never fun and unless you are loaded and can afford to go private it’s can be a real test of your patience and faith. So I have been hanging in by a thread and doing my best to learn to live this way and cope.

Being unwell affects many different aspects of your life both in and out of the home and for me, it’s made parenting and blogging really difficult. I’ve felt defeated at times. I think I just feel frustrated and it’s something I need to overcome.

A few times I felt like quitting my blog. I’ve asked myself why do I bother? I know the answer is because I care, because I want to share my life and ideas and feel like I am contributing to society. I do want to be successful but once again the measuring stick for my success is so much different to that of a parent blogger with good health. We are all different.

My main priority is to be the most effective mother I can be and then to write a successful blog. Blogging comes second behind being a mum. Parenting is numero uno! I have thought about making my blog a non money earning blog as it could really make life less pressured. We could still review products for the home and review toys but simply take the stress away which comes with trying to earn an income via the blog.

It’s just a thought. I need to think about it. Maybe there is a time and a season and I need to take a step back. I love to write and share but the pressure is a lot at the moment and it would be nice just to write any time and not worry about stats, income and views.

One thing is for sure. I will keep writing and blogging and sharing inspirational content. I will continue to build my following …I just think I might need some time away from the brands and PR of the blogging world for a while. I can always come back to it in a few months once I’ve taken a break.

It’s something to think about. Food for thought.

Angela x